US begins to move equipment out of Afghanistan and approves deployment of forces to protect withdrawal operations

The Pentagon has approved the deployment of one hundred and naval forces to the region, air, and ground forces in the American lorem security to ensure that even as they withdraw, the officials said.

Secretary Defense from the city of Austin approved the extension of the William S. Eisenhower Library aircraft carrier’s mission “to stay in Central Empire area without fault at a time,” and approved “the addition of some long-range bombers” in the region, to update and return a US military Afghanistan, the Pentagon said a man speaking with John Kirby public on Friday briefing.

Two B 52 bombers, which have already arrived in the region, Kirby said.

And hovering above the fireplace near the boat unneeded provisions or weapons, or that they might be transferred to one Afghan told CNN. “Obsolete” equipment will be destroyed, the official said.

The movement of forces and Afghanistan still does not start for a few weeks, “the official said, adding that the US will” maintain the ability to hold and to provide assistance “to the Afghan units.

“I think this is a reasonable place before it could be temporary enablers and additional measures to protect the force need to do this, and again, the draw goes quietly and safely,” said Fleming.

The ability to maintain the senior US general in Afghanistan air strikes lorem following withdrawal line
American President Joe Biden’s longest ends formally announced its decision last week to war, arguing that the decades-long conflict among various American did not quit. Wherein advocating immediate withdrawal, in some among Biden’s team; it belongs to the American drawdown was able to control the forces of God and the power of the cause of the collapse of the Taliban in Kabul and Afghanistan to return to the.

The deadline for the troops to withdraw, washed Biden is an absolute – there is no potential for extension of the growing conditions on the ground.

To refraining their security, the withdrawal begins, US Central Empire, which oversees Afghanistan, as the Pentagon received by the aircraft carrier in the country, and as the last fighter jets, if possible Airstrikes needed to protect the soldiers, who had taken.

This is likely to be William D. Dwight Eisenhower, the carrier is already in use in the country will be held in place and he stayed in his home, officials said.

And Afghanistan withdrawal likely to dismantle the CIA intelligence network built up over 20 years

To give the soldiers a number of hundreds, even to the land of Afghanistan “by virtue of the protection” of the nation, left as a garrison. Defense tests at no more than 1,000 ground forces will be sent.

It is best to leave out more about the health of troops from remote areas around Kandahar, Jalalabad and some eastern areas are a special force in Afghanistan.

Currently, there are more than 2,500 US forces in Afghanistan conventional hundred additional special, what are the forces officially acknowledged.

Moreover, it leaves a trace of the forces, their commanders know, too, in a short time more than to be dismantled.

Additionally, the bomber aircraft to the region are expected to be on the stand for the Taliban as a deterrent to violence and ready to be called upon for Airstrikes if needed. And together and making plans to maintain the picket of air through the withdrawal of Afghanistan to maintain security.

Attempted to do is to lead the defense of a number of the more: That the ministers of the withdrawal will be as much as possible is to be notified before the deadline of September 11, but according to Biden.

D. 12 lit. McKenzie, Chief of the US Central Empire, Congress Thursday said that the US military intends to maintain the same power and ability to carry out air strikes in Afghanistan troops are withdrawn from the region this year.

There is no significant US presence in the countries around Afghanistan, which does not allow the basing of US forces, which McKenzie said the US delegation look at the “art of the possible” to see if there are potential Basing access to other countries.

CNN’s Kevin Liptak Marcus Kaufman Stracqualursi attention to this report and Veronica.

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