Unplanned on C8: a controversial broadcast

Unplanned on c8: a controversial broadcast

The American anti-abortion feature “Unplanned” will be shown next Monday in the early evening on C8. A diffusion that is controversial.

Next Monday, the C8 channel will offer on its antenna, in the early evening, the drama Unplanned. A feature film telling the story of Abby Johnson, volunteer then director of American Family Planning, who became an anti-abortion activist.

Taken from a true story, Unplanned, funded by the Evangelical Protestant Church, met with unexpected success when it was released in theaters in the United States in March 2019, amortizing on its first weekend of operation its budget of six millions of dollars. But the film also divided opinion across the Atlantic, with only the conservative Fox News channel agreeing to broadcast the trailer.

Two and a half years after its release, the arrival of Unplanned on a hexagonal screen makes people cringe. “It’s a propaganda film. A manipulative film based on a true story but showing scientific untruths “, declares Véronique Séhier, responsible for international issues at Family Planning at the microphone of our colleagues from France Inter. “I think viewers should be cautioned about the context in which this film was produced. How it was made, why it was made, and by whom it was made. “

“It’s really sad to see that it is easier to get prime time for this kind of film than for an information program on sexual and reproductive rights, on access to contraception and to birth control. ‘abortion”, regrets Véronique Séhier. “There is a lack of awareness campaigns on these subjects.”

The controversy around Unplanned is also playing out internally at C8. Thus, Chloé Sitbon and Guillaume Orsat, the two actors who lend their voices to announce the programs on the channel have dissociated themselves from this broadcast. On Twitter, Chloé Sitbon declared: “We, Guillaume and I, asked our employers not to use our voices and to find another solution for this trailer.”

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