How to unlock the Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen

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When the Mortal Kombat franchise first hit the arcades, what stood out was how brutally violent the games were. It seems normal now, but the original game’s deaths were some of the most shocking things anyone had seen in a game up to that point, pixelated graphics and all. With Mortal Kombat 1, Netherrealm continues to churn our stomachs with some of the most disgustingly detailed ways to eliminate your opponent. Everyone loves to see these creative ways your favorite fighter can definitely end a fight, but if you want to show off your friends and humiliate your enemy, you’ll have to do this for each character. Needs to know specific button inputs to accomplish. There’s a lot more you can unlock, but here’s how to play the basic lethality of every character in Mortal Kombat 1.
How to do all the basic deaths
Here are all the default inputs for each character’s fatality in alphabetical order on PlayStation and Xbox controls, as well as what range you need to be at to trigger the fatality. Once you reduce your opponent’s health to 0 and they are susceptible to the fatal outcome, you will know by the announcer saying “Finish him” or “Finish him”, you have the time to input the correct sequence. There will be five seconds for.
Ashra – middle range
Down, Forward, Down, Triangle/Y
Baraka – close range
Back, Forward, Down, Square/X
General Shao – Mid Range
Back, Forward, Down, Square/X
good – mid range
forward, down, down, circle/b
Havik – close range
down, forward, down, circle/b
Johnny Cage – Close Range
Forward, Back, Down, Triangle/Y
kenshi – close range
Forward, Down, Down, Triangle/Y
Kitana – Mid range
down, forward, down, circle/b
Kung Lao – Middle Range
down, down, back, circle/b
Li Mei – Close Range
forward, backward, forward, cross/a
Louis Kang – Close Range
back, forward, down, circle/b
Milena – close range
back, forward, back, square/x
Nitara – Mid range
down, down, back, square/x
Raiden – close range
Back, Forward, Back, Triangle/Y
Rain – Near Range
down, down, back, serce/b
Ricoh – mid range
Down, Down, Back, Triangle/Y
Reptiles – Middle Range
forward, back, down, circle/b
Scorpion – Middle Range
down, forward, back, rt
Shang Tsung – Close Range
back, down, down, circle/b
Sindel – mid range
down, back, down, square/x
smoke – any limit
Back, Forward, Down, Square/X
sub zero – any limit
Forward, Down, Down, Triangle/Y
Tanya- Close Range
down, back, down, cross/a
All Kamio combat deaths
Cyrax – Mid Range
forward, backward, forward, RB
Darius – mid range
down, back, forward, RB
frost – middle range
back, down, back, rb
goro – close range
Back, Forward, Down, RB
Jax – Far Border
down, forward, down, RB
kano mid range
Back, Down, Forward, RB
Kung Lao – Middle Range
forward, backward, forward, RB
high – a category
back, down, down, RB
Scorpion – Middle Range
down, forward, down, RB
Sector – Central Range
back, forward, back, RB
Shunjiko – middle range
down, back, down, rb
Sonya – Middle Range
Back, Forward, Down, RB
Striker – Mid Range
forward, down, forward, RB
sub-zero – mid range
forward, down, forward, RB

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