United States Space Force Launches Its First Mission

United States Space Force Launches Its First Mission

United States Space Force was formed last year as a space-oriented branch of the military. The organization has launched its first satellite as part of its ongoing mission. The Space Force specifically launched its first military communication satellite into orbit to help facilitate interactions between many parts of the armed forces.

The satellite launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The station is the same one that NASA and other space-oriented entities in the country utilize for launches.

United states space force launches its first mission
United states space force launches its first mission

The effort will be to facilitate enhanced communication among all the people in the military. The military is aiming to use these satellites to help allow many branches of its operations to work together. By linking the satellites, all parties will be on the same page all around.

The satellite was launched on an Atlas V Advanced rocket. The satellite is referred to as AEHF-6 or the sixth vehicle in the Advanced Extremely High-Frequency series.

About the Satellite

As an AEHF satellite, the new Space Force object will provide secure communications between American military members and various international powers. The satellites are sturdy and capable of resisting intense wind conditions and other events that may come about in space. The satellites can also resist jams.

The satellite system will work for tactical and strategic operations alike. Part of this includes relaying information on movements and actions, planning defense operations, and managing targeting in real-time. Tactical warnings may also go between parties.

XDR Support

The XDR or Extended Data Rate will work in the new satellite. The XDR system produces a wavelength that produces transmissions faster than LDR and MDR. The AEHF series of satellites will operate faster and generate more power than what the initial Milstar satellites had created. With the military growing in size and requiring more power, the evolution of the system has been essential to the country’s work.

Overall Satellite Approach

The development of the AEHF system for communication was mainly to reduce the stress within the current system. Part of the work includes replacing the original outdated network that the military had been using over the years.

The military has a plan for six of these satellites for communication purposes. The military has been sending them up since 2010, with many of them having been in geostationary orbit for a few years.

The satellite communication project has been in operation for even longer. The first Milstar satellite went into orbit in 1994. Since then, the military has been progressively developing new satellites for a thorough satellite program.

Other military-oriented space operations will follow as part of the United States Space Force’s objectives. Details on what else the Space Force would be doing are unclear. But the satellite launch appears to be a sign of what the new branch of the military will plan on doing and how it will manage operations. Part of this may involve the long-planned desire by the United States to potentially return to the moon or even travel to Mars in the future.

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