Unfaithful season 2: why Luigi has changed interpreter

The “Unfaithful” series, with Claire Keim and Jonathan Zaccaï, is back on TF1 for a new season 2. And if Luigi, the heroine’s son, is gaining in importance, he has changed a lot since the actor Grégoire Paturel succeeds Félix Lefebvre.


More than a year and a half after its launch on TF1 in January 2019, Infidèle, carried by Claire Keim and Jonathan Zaccaï, made its big comeback last night on the front page for a season 2 which transports us a few months after the events of the final of the previous batch and made the choice to move away from the original British series, Doctor Foster, to propose a completely new plot. Separated from Matteo, Doctor Emma Sandrelli tries to rebuild herself while taking care of her son Luigi and managing his patients. But can she still make a fresh start and believe in love when her whole life has been shattered because of her husband’s infidelity? This is the question Emma will have to ask herself in these six new episodes directed by Didier Le Pêcheur and Didier Bivel, since she will soon fall under the spell of Gabriel, a young 25-year-old osteopath who will come to practice in his cabinet. But is Gabriel really who he claims to be?

In addition to the remarkable arrival of Tom Leeb (Edmond, Under the sun of Saint-Tropez) in the skin of the mysterious Gabriel, almost the entire cast of the first season is back in this sequel. Chloé Jouannet (Candice), Philippe Torreton (Rodolphe), Vanessa David (Gwen), Olivier Claverie (Yves), Natalia Dontcheva (Ingrid), and Mhamed Arezki (Kaddour) resume their respective roles alongside Claire Keim and Jonathan Zaccai. But a notable difference has certainly not escaped the fans of Infidèle since Luigi, the son of Emma and Mattéo, is now played by Grégoire Paturel, seen in particular in recent years in Plus belle la vie, in the role of Luis , and in season 4 of Sam broadcast a few months ago on TF1.


Félix Lefebvre and Capucine Valmary in season 1 of Infidèle

He thus succeeds Félix Lefebvre, the interpreter of the character in season 1, who, taken by other projects, was not available at the time of the shooting of this second salvo, the channel confirmed to us. A busy schedule which is not surprising when we know that Félix Lefebvre, whom we had previously seen in Le Châlet and in L’Heure de la sortie, has established itself as one of the revelations of the year at cinema thanks to Eté 85 by François Ozon, released in July, and will soon be in the credits of Suprêmes, the NTM biopic directed by Audrey Estrougo.

This change of interpreter is accompanied in any case by a real notable change operated by the production and the screenwriter Pierre Linhart at the level of the character in himself. Much more present on the screen and in the intrigues, the Luigi that we find in season 2 gains in thickness and begins to lie to his entourage and to play double game with everyone. A dangerous game that will plunge him into an infernal spiral from which no one will really come out unscathed. With this darker turn, completely like this second season, Infidèle almost justifies the arrival of a new actor to give life to this “new Luigi”. And Grégoire Paturel is undoubtedly one of the (many) good surprises of this season 2 which begins tonight on TF1.

Note that another character changes face during this second season since Joséphine, Luigi’s girlfriend played in season 1 by Capucine Valmary (The Red Bracelets, The Last Wave), is now played by the actress Louvia Bachelor.

The trailer for season 2 of Infidèle, the first two episodes of which will be broadcast this evening at 9 p.m. on TF1 Séries Films:

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