Une Affaire Française: the series devoted to the affair of little Grégory in September on TF1 on TV

The return of the series promises to be busy for TF1 which has just unveiled the broadcast date of “A French Affair”, its anthological series which will focus each season on new news items that have marked the French.

Adaptations of famous news items are definitely on the rise on television. After Laetitia on France 2, Unbelievable and Dirty John on Netflix, it’s around TF1 to embark on the adventure with its new series Une Affaire Française, which hits the channel on Monday, September 20 from 9:05 p.m.

This anthological series will return each season to a criminal case that has shocked the public. For its first, it is the affair of little Gregory, who still manages more than 25 years after the fact, to captivate the crowds thanks to its many twists and turns, that the series will be interested.

In 2018, Netflix had also released a documentary series in 5 episodes, simply called Gregory, which had been a huge success on the platform. A success which probably gave TF1 ideas.

Written by Jérémie Guez (The Night devoured the world) and Alexandre Smia (The office of legends), season 1 of Une Affaire Française will be directed by Christophe Lamotte who previously worked on The Day I Burned My Heart or again The share of suspicion.

Une affaire française: the series devoted to the affair of little grégory in september on tf1 on tv


Blandine Bellavoir and Guillaume Gouix as Christine and Jean-Marie Villemin.

Casting side, Christine Villemin will be played by Blandine Bellavoir (Love at first sight in Bangkok), while Jean-Marie, her husband, will be played by Guillaume Gouix (Les RevENTS). Guillaume de Tonquédec, Laurent Stocker, Michaël Youn, and Gérard Jugnot will also be there.

Composed of 6 episodes, it is one of the most anticipated series of the re-entry of TF1 which relies heavily on its success. So let’s hope that Une Affaire Française, which will be presented in preview at the 2021 La Rochelle Festival, will live up to expectations.

Une affaire française: the series devoted to the affair of little grégory in september on tf1 on tv

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