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Almost 15 years after the end of the series, Tonya Kinzinger, the interpreter of Jessica Lowry, revealed that she would be ready for a return to “Under the sun” for a reunion episode.

It has now been almost 15 years since Sous le Soleil disappeared from television screens. And yet, the cult series which followed the sentimental setbacks of Laure, Caroline and Jessica still remains one of TF1’s most emblematic fictions today.

And it is not Tonya Kinzinger, the unforgettable interpreter of Jessica Lowry, who will be able to say the opposite. While she is currently playing doctor Janet Lewis in Such a great sun, the actress returned to the columns of Nice-Matin on the possibility of a meeting between the actors of the series.

I remain close to almost everyone and Stéphane Slima [disparu en 2012, ndlr] I miss a lot… This event allows me to make the suggestion to redo an episode all together, like a wink like for Friends! Reunion between friends. Anyway, I’m in!“, thus confided Tonya Kinzinger to our colleagues.

And this reunion could well happen very soon. From April, an exhibition devoted to Sous le Soleil will indeed open its doors at the Musée de la gendarmerie et du cinema in Saint-Tropez, and the actress has confirmed that she will be present at the opening alongside Adeline Blondieau.

This exhibition, eagerly awaited by fans of the series, will be an opportunity to discover the actors’ costumes and personal objects. “JI’m glad this iconic series is being showcased and getting some recognition.,” rejoiced Tonya Kinzinger.

She deserves it ! It was sold all over the world, and in many ways paved the way for other series. She has a pioneering side when she was not considered by the profession

This is not the first time that the actresses of Under the sun have met since the end of the series. In April 2022, Tonya Kinzinger, Bénédicte Delmas and Adeline Blondieau met during a live Instagram to exchange memories and anecdotes around the soap opera. The opportunity for them to reveal that the production had tried to bring new blood into the cast in order to oust them.

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