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Like many blockbusters, “Uncharted” requires staying during the end credits, for an extra scene. Especially since it gives clues to a possible sequel.

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers for the ending of “Uncharted” as well as its post-credits scene. So please move on if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know.


Well recovered from his emotions, it is in a bar in South America that we find Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) after a pre-credits in which many will have twitched when seeing the name of Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones) in the casting, without having seen it in the feature film. And for good reason: he is at the heart of this bonus sequence, one-eyed and in the shoes of a character called Gage.

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Tom Holland and Pilou Asbaek

It is with this man, glimpsed in one of the trailers, that Nathan is in full negotiation. A bit tense, given the armed minions surrounding the hero, ready to shoot at the slightest suspicious gesture. There is particular question of a certain Roman and a map that belonged to the Nazis. As expected, the discussion is cut short and Nathan owes his salvation to the arrival of Sully (Mark Wahlberg), who now sports a colorful shirt and the beginning of a mustache, which makes him closer to his role model in the video games.

Having recovered the necklace they had come to look for, the two men do not take the time to sit down for a drink and flee before stopping dead, visibly apprehended by a threat that will remain off-screen. Because the scene ends here, and the rest of the credits start.


A sequel, of course. But above all an episode whose plot would be inspired by that of the first video game, entitled “Drake’s Fortune” and released in 2007. And it’s no more surprising than that: even taking elements from 3 and 4, Ruben Fleischer’s film is presented as a prequel, so it seemed logical to see it follow the chronology of the video game saga if the adventure were to continue.

The mention of the map having belonged to the Nazis indeed refers to the quest for El Dorado, a myth that is at the heart of the game and to which Nathan’s ancestor, Sir Francis Drake, was linked in the past. And the name mentioned during the dialogue between Tom Holland and Pilou Asbæk is that of Gabriel Roman, the great villain of history, first accustomed to offering the services of mercenaries before going to get his hands dirty himself.

Naughty Dog

Sully, Gabriel Roman and Nathan in the first game

Questioned by us on the subject, the director however suggests that, if there is a sequel, it will not be a pure and simple transposition of the game: “The idea is not to recreate the first episode. The post-credits scene of the film was envisioned as a continuation of the adventures of our versions of Nathan and Sully”replied Ruben Fleischer during his visit to Paris.

“I wanted the public to know that hopefully this won’t be the last time we see them. That they will continue their adventures and treasure hunts around the world. And I wanted us to reunite characters a little closer to what they are in the video game. The most important thing being Sully who arrives with this mustache that fans will recognize as his visual signature.”

See you in the weeks or months to come to find out if the adventures of Tom Holland in Nathan Drake will continue. If so, it’s a safe bet that Pilou Asbæk will be there.

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette in Paris on February 11, 2022

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