Un Si Grand Soleil: will we see Julien (Jérémy Banster) again in the series?

Un Si Grand Soleil: will we see Julien (Jérémy Banster) again in the series?

The episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tonight on France 2 will mark the departure of Julien Bastide, tracked down by the police who suspect him of the murder of Elsa Chalin. But will his interpreter definitely say goodbye to everyday life?

Thunderbolt in Un Si Grand Soleil: Jérémy Banster, who was one of the headliners of the daily series since its launch on France 2 in 2018, announced that he was leaving the series this summer after three seasons playing Julien Bastide.

Un si grand soleil
Un si grand soleil

Elsa Chalin (Julie Boulanger)

Following this desire to leave the actor, the writers have reserved an underground exit for his character. Accused of the murder of Elsa Chalin (Julie Boulanger) after an altercation that goes wrong, Julien finds himself overwhelmed with evidence against him. Worse still: when he receives a call from a person assuring him that he has proof of his innocence, he finds himself trapped by going to the place of the meeting: the body of Wilson Samba, the ex-partner of Gaétan Baudry, lying in front of him …

Now suspected of two murders, Julien has no choice but to flee. On the advice of his mother Elisabeth and with the complicity of Alice and her stepfather Alain, he will clandestinely join the hangar in which the family catamaran is located, and leave France to reach Uruguay. Before his departure, Elisabeth promises to do everything to prove his innocence in the eyes of justice.

Jérémy Banster

It’s a series that is quite time consuming. It takes a lot of energy from us and leaves us little time for the rest. I want to live new adventures” confided Jérémy Banster to Leisure TV beginning of July. “I live my departure as definitive (…) After, you must never say never. As they say, we turn a page but the book remains open. But, deep inside me, it’s a real start, with a page that turns.

The writers having opted for disappearance rather than signing the death of Julien Bastide, the fate of the character, therefore, remains in suspense, leaving the way open to a possible reappearance if the actor were to change his mind.

Once so united, the Bastide clan is now dispersed to the four winds: after the successive departures of Manon (Mélanie Robert) to study in Lausanne and then that of Julien, there is now only Alice (Maëlle Mietton) and her son Arthur. (Auguste Yvon) in Montpellier. But after the sudden flight of his father, the teenager, who was preparing to enter the faculty of medicine, will want to join him in Uruguay so as not to leave him on his own.

Now responsible for her grandson, whom she lodges with her, Elisabeth (Chrystelle Labaude) will worry about the pursuit of her studies and try to reason with him, while taking over the queens of L Cosmetics, the company that Julien managed and of which it owns the shares. This is sure to arouse fears among employees, who fear the outright liquidation of the company …

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