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Nothing goes in “Un Si Grand Soleil” between the boss of L Cosmetics and the young lawyer. While the latter wishes to have a child, Julien is cooled by the conflicting relationship between his son and his new companion …

In the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, the climate promises to be stormy between Julien Bastide (Jérémy Banster) and Johanna Lemeur (Aurore Delplace). Shaken by family tensions, their couple risks being once again put to the test … To the point of not recovering this time?

Indeed, the atmosphere was not good between Arthur (Auguste Yvon) and the lawyer. Not very cheerful when his father’s new companion arrived at home, the teenager then took refuge with his grandmother after several violent arguments in order to revise his baccalaureate calmly. Despite all of Johanna’s goodwill, her efforts to be liked by her stepson are unsuccessful.

In addition, the lawyer, who had approached an employee in order to buy part of the shares of L Cosmétiques, loses Julien’s confidence when he discovers that the businesswoman has a habit of taking back control underhand. companies in which it invests. He then derails the meeting and sends Johanna’s collaborator bluntly.

Wounded, this one thinks that Julien seeks by this gesture to make her pay for the departure of Arthur from the house. While she suggests that she leave on her own to sort things out, Julien reassures her. She then tells him about her desire to have a child with him.

If he is not against this idea, Julien does not want to take this decision lightly and wishes to have time to think about it. But according to the site News Actual, the latter could well reconsider his decision in the next episodes, and refuse to have another child. A shock for Johanna, who will then be distant with him.

In addition, Arthur will find a summer job in the hospital of Montpellier thanks to Alain, the companion of his grandmother. Proud of himself even if it means that his son will not spend the summer with him, Julien will express all his support to him and tell him that he and his sister mean more than anything to him.

By overhearing this conversation, Johanna will then think that Julien will always put his children before her, and that she will never be able to find her place with him. Devastated, she will then suddenly leave the Bastides during a dinner and take refuge in the arms of her friend Sabine.

While rumors emitted the trail of a flashback between Julien and Alice (Maëlle Mietton), his ex-wife, following the publication from an Instagram post bringing together the two interpreters, the story between Johanna and him will definitely come to an end in the next episodes?

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