Un Si Grand Soleil: Will Claire and Hélène become friends again? The secrets of…

While Claire is convinced that Hélène is still trying to harm her in “Un Si Grand Soleil”, Mélanie Maudran confided in our microphone on this great intrigue, on the recent death of Myriam, and on what awaits the couple Claire – Florent.

AlloCiné: The past year has been eventful for Claire in Such a Great Sun. How do you view the season that has just ended?

Melanie Maudran : It was a very intense season! I felt the same intensity as at the launch of the series, whether in terms of presence or the plots. It was a very interesting season, very full and very nurturing for my character.

Myriam’s death was a very big shock for Claire. The departure of Pauline Paolini was a surprise to you?

Yes of course. It was quite sudden. It happens on series like Un Si Grand Soleil. There are arrivals and departures. It’s a bit of a game. I was very attached to Pauline and her character. We had really found a cadence, a rhythm and an understanding that were very pleasant. It bothered me that she left. Afterwards, it also served as a very strong plot. Obviously when someone leaves, especially when it’s a character like that, it also takes on very different emotional terrains that are interesting for the show.

The Claire-Myriam friendship was one of the highlights of the series. We hope that Claire will find such a beautiful friendship…

Me too because, casually, between the disappointment with Hélène (Sophie Le Tellier) and the death of Myriam, Claire no longer has anyone. She has her family but she no longer has any friends. And it’s still good to also exploit this side of its history.

The storyline around Hélène was one of the highlights of last season. Claire has always been an empathetic character, who tends to forgive easily, but that’s not at all the case with Hélène…

The authors sometimes take us into unexpected areas, so Hélène and Claire may be reconciled. But I think as it stands, she’s gone too far. I think Claire will calm down at some point if she really sees that Hélène is no longer the same.

Claire will have to move on, but she will never be able to wipe the slate clean. They will never be able to be friends again like before. To my great regret, moreover, because I adore Sophie Le Tellier. We’re both having fun. Now, that there is a cordial understanding between Claire and Hélène and that they find themselves on some intrigues, in particular around work, perhaps. It will be a surprise.

Can you tell us a little more about what will happen between Claire and Hélène in the next episodes?

Strangely, strange events will occur that will bring Claire back to Hélène. Claire and Florent have just arrived in a district reputed to be peaceful, but my character finds dead animals near the house, a broken mailbox. Claire will immediately suspect Hélène. Obviously, it will create tension with his father because he is falling in love on his side.

It’s true that on top of all that, there’s this budding love affair between Victor and Hélène that Claire can’t stand…

That is the worst I find (laughs). Personally, I find that someone who interferes in the life of one of the people you love the most and who suddenly takes up all the space, it’s complicated.

Un Si Grand Soleil Will Claire and Helene become friends
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The situation will end up creating tensions with Florent (Fabrice Deville), That’s right ?

Yes, because Florent sees no harm. He is a character who always has good intentions. As it was determined that Helen’s condition was drug-related, he doesn’t really understand Claire’s vision. Obviously, this has an impact on family life. Florent will manage as best he can with great gentleness and understanding, but there are times when he will be fed up. It makes sense (laughs).

Even though it has indeed been proven that her behavior was caused by medication, one can’t help but wonder if Hélène might not still be a manipulator. Will we ever get the answer?

Probably, but it’s something that will develop over time through the character of Hélène. It will depend on the direction he takes.

In parallel with all this, we finally discover Claire and Florent’s new house, which the authors have been teasing us for months…

Yes, there are still happy moments in all of this. The joy returns to the house because they have this new project. It’s very nice and it causes beautiful family moments. And then it’s a very pretty house in the center of Montpellier.

Will the family finally be reunited with the return of Enzo (Teilo Azais)?

Yes, all’s well that ends well (laughs).

Speaking of this blended family, how do you view the beautiful relationship that unites Claire and Kira?

I really like the relationship that is being built between Claire and Kira (Hill Ramos-Pinto). Kira has clearly become his daughter. Will things get official? In any case, I would like it to go further and officially become his daughter. Claire is very very attached to Kira. Even if the beginnings were a bit laborious, there is a real tenderness between them.

Kira is currently experiencing her first heartbreak because of Louis. Will Claire support her in this ordeal?

Claire sees Kira becoming a woman, having her first romantic feelings. Claire is there but she is not too present either. Rather, she’s there if she needs her, to listen to her, support her, get her out if she’s down. In short, she accompanies him.

Will this end up being between Kira and Louis (Sylvain Boccara)?

I have absolutely no idea. I don’t know what the authors have in store for us with this story.

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You are about three months ahead of the broadcast on France 2. What awaits your character in the weeks to come?

I took some time for myself so Claire is not going to appear on screen much. I think that after we will start again on something centered on family life, the new house and the children. That’s one of the reasons we changed the scenery. I was very attached to the setting in which I have been for four years, but to develop family intrigues, it is better to be in a larger environment. And then Florent has a better situation. It no longer became coherent to stay in a small apartment.

Do you think Theo (Gary Guénaire), Claire’s son, could come back one day?

Gary is on other projects. He does a lot of theater, so I don’t think so.

Have you kept in touch with him?

Sure ! We had a very, very strong bond with Gary. I very much regretted his departure.

Do you have desires for Claire? Topics you would like to defend?

I find that I am quite well served in terms of subjects to defend. I have already touched many. The latest, on manipulation, I found particularly interesting because it is a hot topic. There is also blended family life. It’s become so normal that I find it nice to show a family of people who have chosen themselves. It’s another scheme and I think it’s good.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about?

I’m off to turn on Cassandra next week. I am delighted to participate in this series that I love the time of an episode. I really like Gwendoline Hamon and Dominique Pinon.

Are you discussing with France Télévisions the possibility of shooting single films for them alongside Un Si Grand Soleil?

It remains a will on both sides but it all depends on the period. This year, for example, Claire was very present in the intrigues. It’s complicated to get out and find the right time to do something else. But there, I have time to do Cassandra in any case. We’re going in stages.

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