Un Si Grand Soleil: will Auguste Yvon (Arthur) leave the series?

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Jennifer radier

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After Jérémy Banster (Julien), should we expect Auguste Yvon (Arthur) to leave Un Si Grand Soleil?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the series Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

While Jérémy Banster left the series only a few days ago, will the faithful of Un si grand soleil have to say goodbye to another member of the Bastide clan?

Unfairly suspected of the murders of Elsa Chalin and Wilson Samba, Julien had to flee in the direction of Urugay in order to avoid prison. A difficult situation for Arthur (Auguste Yvon) who could make a choice heavy with consequences for the Bastide family, however already much lessened.

In the episode broadcast tonight on France 2, Arthur made a big decision. Currently in Switzerland where he is visiting his sister Manon (Mélanie Robert), the young man wishes to extend his stay until the end of the summer vacation. But that’s not all since he also plans to leave Montpellier to join his father on the run, even if it means following his medical studies in Uruguay.

Obviously, this idea does not please neither Alice (Maëlle Mietton) nor Elizabeth (Chrystelle Labaude) who fear to see him spoil a promising future. Waste of time, Arthur is determined to find his father and will camp on his positions.

Already deprived of two of its members, will the Bastide clan then have to separate definitively from Arthur, thus hastening the departure of Auguste Yvon from the series?

May the faithful of the daily Montpellier be reassured. Contacted by us, France 2 confirmed to us that it was not a departure and that Auguste Yvon was going to resume filming.

Indeed, it would simply be a simple round trip of the young man between France and Uruguay. As Jérémy Banster confided in an interview with our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, “ Elizabeth will come to see her son Julien in Uruguay. We will obviously not see that part. She will return to Montpellier and tell everyone what we have said. I think Arthur is going to come see his father too. There will be small round trips between South America and France. “.

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