Un Si Grand Soleil: will Anissa cheat on Antonin? [SPOILERS]

In a relationship with Antonin for several months, Anissa is the target of all the attentions of Charles. It remains to be seen whether she will succumb to its charm in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

Un si grand soleil: will anissa cheat on antonin? [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Together for several months already, Anissa (Siham Falhoune) and Antonin (Nathan Bensoussan) quickly established themselves as one of the key couples of Un si grand soleil. If their love story had known some turbulence following the Lila Marquant affair, they had nevertheless managed to overcome this terrible ordeal to find each other.

While they expected to spend happy days in roommate with Inès (Maéva El Aroussi), Dylan (Ishtvan Nekrasov) and Charles (Nicolas Lancelin), the two lovebirds are yet on the verge of experiencing a new storm over the years. next episodes of the Montpellier soap opera.

Falling under the spell of Anissa immediately after having laid his eyes on her, Charles took it into his head to conquer her and bend over backwards to achieve it to the chagrin of Antoninus who understood his little game.

In the sequel to Un si grand soleil, Charles will declare his love for Anissa. Unfortunately for him, the latter, who is in love with Antoninus, will reject his advances. A situation that risks setting up a hell of a lot of discomfort between them even though they are forced to live together.

However, nothing is lost and the situation could evolve faster than expected.

Indeed, according to a new unpublished extract unveiled in preview on France.tv, the next few days could be a game-changer for the young man. Following Charles’s declaration, Anissa will wonder if she would not do better to return to live with her mother.

Having no desire for her to leave, Charles will then promise to redouble his efforts so that everything goes for the best. For her part, Anissa is actually attracted to the young man and will eventually succumb to temptation by spending an intimate moment with him.

Will Antonin learn the truth and if so, how will he react? Should we expect to see the birth of a new couple? Whatever happens, the couple of Antoninus and Anissa will not be spared and this time the death knell could well sound for them.

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