Un Si Grand Soleil: why did Christophe trap Johanna? [SPOILERS]

Un si grand soleil: why did christophe trap johanna? [spoilers]

Since Mickaël’s death, Johanna has experienced a veritable descent into hell in “Un si grand soleil”. While the noose tightens around Christophe, the latter is about to make important revelations about the disappearance of his friend.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain many spoilers on the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

For several weeks now, fans of Un si grand soleil have been plunged into the heart of a plot full of twists and turns concerning the death of Mickaël Beaulieu (Julien de Broeyer). If the police initially thought of suicide, Johanna (Aurore Delplace) quickly found herself suspected of the murder of her friend following the damning testimony of her client Yvon Delmas (Jean-Louis Cassarino).

An infernal spiral then started for the lawyer who, from the depths of her cell, was far from imagining that the revenge of Christophe (Hubert Benhamdine) was hidden behind this terrible plot.

Initially, Johanna was convinced that Yvon Delmas had tricked her, but her suspicions quickly turned to her ex-husband Christophe, whose car had been seen in front of the Bastide home on the evening of Mickaël’s death.

Now, it is with the help of Julien (Jérémy Banster), with whom she recently started a romantic relationship, and Florent (Fabrice Deville), her lawyer, that the young woman intends to prove her innocence.

Thanks to the information unearthed by the private detective he hired to investigate Christophe, Julien will discover that the veterinarian is none other than the crooked doctor in the pay of a gang of traffickers who had been at the heart of a shooting Few days ago. With this evidence, Elizabeth’s son will take matters into his own hands and put pressure on Christophe to get the truth.

But what could have motivated Christophe to want to trap Johanna? Since their chaotic break-up, the latter will have used all means to reach the woman with whom he shared his life for many years. And once again, the vet did not hesitate for a single second to use Mickaël’s suicide to quench his thirst for revenge.

In the episode which will be broadcast exceptionally this Saturday, March 27 on France 2, Christophe will confess and confirm to Julien that Mickaël has committed suicide. Although this is not a murder, Christophe nevertheless believes that Johanna is responsible for his death.

Unable to bear that his ex-wife could get away so easily, he therefore decided to make up his friend’s death as murder by grabbing his farewell letter and then cleaning the fingerprints left on the gun. fire.

Christophe then went to the Bastide home to retrieve Johanna’s car, for which he had kept a duplicate of the keys, and to move it to the stud farm. But despite his confession, Christophe will refuse to speak to the police, preferring to let his ex-wife languish in prison and save his relationship with judge Alphand (Marie-Gaëlle Cals).

Julien will then offer him a deal that will allow him, with Johanna, to escape the consequences of his actions. The former lovers will therefore have to deliver a common version of the facts to the authorities in order to exonerate the lawyer.

Will Christophe go to the end of this plan concocted by Julien and will he escape justice? Answer in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

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