Un Si Grand Soleil: who killed Maria? [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, while a colleague of Maria’s being questioned by the police, Sabine remembers a key detail that could change everything in the investigation into her death …

In Un Si Grand Soleil, Billie and her father Dimitri are in shock since Maria’s death. While they thought she was dead from the car accident that plunged her into a coma, a forensic examination reveals that she was poisoned in hospital.

In the episode of Friday, May 14, while the two attend Maria’s funeral, Yann Cross questions Eloise, one of her colleagues who was in competition with her for a position of responsibility. Suspecting that she may have wanted to take revenge on Maria after she won the post, Yann places Eloise in custody.

For her part, Sabine struggles to fall asleep, assailed by nightmares on the evening of Maria’s car accident. She wakes up suddenly with a start: the last words that Maria whispered to her in the ambulance suddenly come to her mind …

According to the site News Actual, he is a brand new suspect who could become the target of the police in the upcoming episode of Monday, May 19. While Sabine tries to trace the memory of the words spoken by Maria, Yann Cross decides to investigate Adrien Leduc, another colleague of the deceased.

Even if the man in question leads a life without fuss and has only interacted professionally with Maria, Yann is convinced that he is missing out on a crucial detail. Both working in a real estate agency, the police lieutenant hypothesizes that Adrien Leduc and Maria were lovers, and met in the empty apartments they were showing.

The policeman will then develop a plan to corner Adrien Leduc, with the help of Dimitri. This one will propose to Leduc to come have a drink at his place, and claims to have found in his garage the clothes which his wife wore the evening of the accident.

Uncomfortable, Adrien finds a pretext for having to leave and takes leave of Dimitri. He then turns around and tries to enter Dimitri’s garage to retrieve the supposed clothes. He is then caught red-handed by Elise and Yann, that they arrest him …

Is Adrien Leduc really Maria’s murderer, or was he just afraid of being falsely accused if the police found traces of his DNA on Maria’s clothes? As for Sabine, will she succeed in making a decisive discovery thanks to her memory of the night of the accident? To be continued in the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil!

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