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After Ludo and Margot, a new unexpected couple could well be born in the next episodes of “Un Si Grand Soleil”. But do the two characters in question, who are going to sleep together, have the same desires for the future?

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

While the thwarted loves of Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto) and Louis (Sylvain Boccara) continue to fascinate fans of Un Si Grand Soleil, a new couple could well be born among the group of teenagers from the daily soap opera of France 2 .

In the next episodes, Kira, who still thinks that Louis came back to her out of spite because Lili put an end to their relationship, will be more and more distant with the one she’s been falling for for months. Louis will then confess to him that he is the one who broke up with Lili, and not the other way around, but Kira will have a lot of trouble believing him and things will not work out between them. For now anyway.

And it is finally Robin (Lucas Ivoula) and Thaïs (Lila Guiraud) who, in yet another attempt to open their friends’ eyes, will end up getting closer.

In the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil on Tuesday, January 10, the two classmates will indeed go to the cinema with Louis, in the hope that Kira agrees to join them. But unfortunately, the teenager, who can no longer stand Louis’ behavior, will decline the invitation. What will push the son of Marc Mourre to abandon his friends and return home.

Fabien Malot/FTV

Louis and Robin in Un Si Grand Soleil.

Result: Robin and Thaïs will come to the conclusion that Louis and Kira are annoying with their story, and will decide to go see the movie together. A cinema session which will obviously create a spark between them since, after the film, Robin will propose to Thaïs to go have a drink. And the young woman will accept, after having demonstrated to him, amused, that he has just discreetly offered her a date.

One thing leading to another, the two teenagers will then meet a few days later at Robin’s for a new movie night. And they will end up kissing and sleeping together.

Is this the start of a new love story for Thaïs, who is trying to move forward after the death of Damien which had completely devastated her a few months ago? Not sure. Indeed, a few hours before joining Robin at his place, she will confide to Kira that she is not looking for anything serious and that she simply wants something light.

Unfortunately, it could be otherwise for Robin who, for his part, seems to have had a real crush on Thaïs. Will he manage to make her succumb to his charm? Or are we headed for a new love disappointment in Un Si Grand Soleil? Answer soon on France 2.

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