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Destabilized by the return of his ex-inmate brother to his life, Florent will find himself powerless in the face of the seduction operation carried out by Benjamin on his relatives … His interpreter, Fabrice Deville (“The Princes of Love”) , analyze their relationship.

Where is Florent today in Un Si Grand Soleil, after all the ups and downs caused by the arrival of his brother Jonathan, just out of prison, in Montpellier?

Fabrice Deville: It’s quite funny, because the series is inspired by facts from everyday life. We see someone like Florent, who says from the start to anyone who wants to hear it that his brother will not change, and we can clearly see in the last episodes broadcast that Jonathan is a womanizer, that he plots with the each other’s money, that he manipulates everyone …

Despite this, no one believes me, and I alienate Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto) as well as my wife, Claire (Mélanie Maudran), who finds me too hard on my brother, to the point that I come to it almost doubting my words when in fact, Jonathan is really not someone to be frequented.

No one believes me, but all will eventually see my brother’s true intentions. I saw a scene that will be broadcast tonight or tomorrow, where he will be surprised in the arms of Eve (Emma Colberti) at the resource center by Laetitia (Shirley Bousquet), with whom he was flirting.

Indeed, if we could give Jonathan the benefit of the doubt at the beginning, we gradually realize that he falls back into Machiavellian ways quite quickly.

Yes, and the stake for Florent is going to be to succeed in convincing those around him that he is right, and that we can believe him, even if all this will be a hell of a mess in everything that will happen through the after. It will go a long way, and the writers go to great lengths to keep everything very believable. This is what is fun to play! We stay in something plausible.

Florent and his brother have a conflicted relationship following the death of their parents, devastated by Jonathan’s imprisonment. How did you and Benjamin Garnier work on this complex fraternal relationship? Did you discuss the story of your characters beforehand, perhaps by building a common story?

Strangely, even if we get along well and our work together was very cordial and sympathetic, the character of Jonathan annoyed me very quickly. (laughs). And so it was complicated to get out of there to bond – especially since in COVID times, we couldn’t go out for a drink, we couldn’t get together after the shoot, it wasn’t obvious.

But as We toured a lot together and we just insulted each other, the relaxed moments we had were messing around together to breathe a bit between takes. Because Florent was constantly telling his brother “you’re leaving home, what are you doing here” …

So Jonathan’s liabilities, I imagined it on my side: he was a child we adored, and who went into a spin. Benjamin has his version, and I have mine. In family conflicts, very often everyone sticks to their version of the facts, and feels very legitimate.

For Florent, his brother stole money from him and his parents, and for Jonathan, he will say to himself “you have money, you could do without it, I’m your brother!” So everyone imagined their story, and then Benjamin’s way of playing helped me a lot. We didn’t create any fraternal bonds outside of the shoot, but very friendly bonds, that’s for sure. We really fed each other.

In your opinion, how far would Florent be prepared to go to protect his family?

Jonathan is not a serial killer. But when will it spin? We don’t see it coming, we don’t feel it. It is already too late when the damage is done. Florent can not go outside the nails. he tries to calm things down as best he can, not to upset her too much, but that won’t be enough.

He knows his brother can put his family in danger, but it will come gradually. For the moment he is very cool, he takes the children to go karting … He will plunge Florent into an inability to react. He doesn’t know how to do it.

And this is where it will play on a sensitive chord for Florent, the big brother who did everything to help his younger brother, and who arrived at a feeling of total helplessness. Because he tried to help her hundreds of times but couldn’t do it.

That’s why I particularly appreciate the work of the writers on this series. Many of them think about situations that anyone can experience and know. I think back in particular to the plot in which Enric cheated on his wife, in which we see a very beautiful resolution and that reconciliation is possible.

And the best compliment I’ve been paid is on the way Florent reacted very well to the accusations leveled against Enzo when an intimate video of Inès circulated through his fault. Florent had reacted without falling on him, by going really towards the discussion. We explore different possibilities through fiction to get out of different situations, and we approach cases of society that affect everyone.

As an actor, it must be very rewarding on a human level to be able to experience these situations, without the real consequences that come with of course.

With Coline, Teïlo and Mélanie, we really form a family, and Florent wears a lot of things. He has his law firm, his family life, the fact of having taken Kira as a foster family, after a while all this accumulation of things is too much to bear.

I am incredibly lucky: I have the opportunity to play a lot of things, feelings, emotions … I am going to suffer a lot in relation to this helplessness of Florent in the face of his brother, and I I found it great that the successive directors took me to this field, with a real fragility to show.

I would just miss a schoolboy friend to go have a laugh just to evacuate a little, because Florent is not the great comic on duty unlike me (laughs), but I try to infuse a little of my lightness into the character.

Have you had the opportunity to shoot in other projects between two intrigues of Un Si Grand Soleil?

Yes, I have been able to fix three films in the last few months: a unit from the detective series The Crime suits him so well with Claudia Tagbo, on which I shot for four days. I then turned in The Price of Betrayal, which will be broadcast in September on France 3, with Mimie Mathy and Mathieu Delarive, and finally another TV movie, Les Mystères de la chorale, which I was able to stall last July.

The series takes a long time despite everything, which suits me very well, but from September, advice to fans, I am completely open for other projects (laughs). What we do is a very good business card, it also allows people to see what we are capable of as actors; and if one day I correspond to one of their characters, well why not!

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