Un Si Grand Soleil: “things are going to be very complicated between Sabine and Dimitri” according to Gaëla le Dévéhat – News Series on TV

Meeting with the interpreter of Sabine in the daily newspaper of France 2. Plunged into the heart of a family drama when she finds herself involved in a terrible accident, she gets closer to Dimitri, the victim’s husband and the father of Billie …

You have joined the cast of a Si Grand Soleil in the role of Sabine. How was your arrival?

Gaëla le Dévéhat: The role of Sabine was the first casting I played for the series, I had not auditioned for other roles before. Alban Aumard, who plays Gary in the series and who is a friend of mine, told me a lot of good things about it. As we have a little the same mode of operation, I went there very confident and everything was done very quickly afterwards. I made call backs with Teïlo Azaïs, who plays Enzo, we joined the adventure at the same time.

Viewers were able to (re) discover recently that Sabine was related to Becker (Yvon Back), since it is her father, and therefore Enzo’s grandfather!

Yes quite ! I think it was mentioned very succinctly at the time of the intrigue with Daniel. At the end, when Sabine was really affected by this story, Becker had said “my girl” to her, something like that. It’s funny because for us it was quite clear, but we realized that a lot of spectators discovered it there.

This is also what I like about this character and that I found interesting from the start: she has a lot of ramifications in the series. She travels in different plots, different atmospheres … Whether in her father / daughter relationship with Becker, quite frank and tender, through her relationship with Eve and Mo in high school where there is a real professional bond, and with Johanna with whom Sabine has had a real friendship for a long time. I imagined that they had known each other for a long time, there is a real frank and direct relationship, because they are different and are like mirrors reversed for each other. And of course Enzo, because Sabine’s life revolves around her son.

I have a lot of tenderness for Teïlo Azaïs, as he is young there is a “false son” side that makes him even more endearing! otherwise, I like the fact that Sabine and her ex Florent (Fabrice Deville) have managed to remain accomplices and solidarity. They have kept a fairly tender bond, maybe even a little stronger than that! It was quite funny to act out the moment when Florent was a little lost and when Sabine was trying to put the hook on him again. (laughs)

It’s quite refreshing to see the portrayal of a divorced fictional couple having peaceful relationships, especially on a soap!

Being divorced myself, I know the situation very well, but we are also in a changing generation and world. The generation before, that of my parents, tell us that it’s good that we separate more easily! (laughs) I think this series is intelligent because it is anchored in a society that it questions, and it does it in depth: the lesbian couple who get married, who adopt a child, the subject of harassment … It’s all part of our world now, and the themes addressed are a reflection of what we experience and the questions we ask ourselves.

At the moment, Sabine is at the heart of a dramatic plot. After being involved in an accident which plunged Billie’s mother into a coma, she will be consumed with guilt when she gets closer to Dimitri, the latter’s father … How did you approach her?

When I read it, it really made me want because there were many sides to play, it was a bit of a roller coaster. That’s what I like about Sabine: she is turned towards others, curious and benevolent, but she has flaws like everyone else. Compared to the beginning of the plot for example, I had a lot of fun playing drunkenness, at the time of Claire’s birthday when she has sad and pitiful alcohol, it’s very realistic. (laughs) Then, guilt is a feeling that we have seen very little in Sabine, it was a new color to play. It was about keeping a balance; it forced me to be vigilant, not to be redundant from one scene to another. This tension between morality and Sabine’s guilt which, as we will see as we move forward in the episodes, will tend towards something more complicated, crushes her. Dimitri and she have a real crush, but they realize the indecency of the thing, so they swallow, and they embark on an extremely complicated relationship, because of the investigation but also Enzo and Billie , who is very disturbed by what is happening. For Sabine, in my opinion, Billie’s suffering echoes her own mother: it is not clear what became of Mrs. Becker or what she died of, and I imagined that Sabine recognized herself through the drama. that Billie saw, she sees herself through her.

One wonders if this budding romance isn’t going to be thwarted by the fact that Enzo and Billie started dating in high school, and seeing their parents together could ruin everything …

It’s going to be very complicated, indeed. In other circumstances, I think they would be obvious and crazy passion, but there are so many overwhelming things around them, the children, the investigation … Without spoiler, we are going to be in something. thing that will come to a complicated conclusion. It is a relationship in which two adults are in love with each other, but they are aware of everything around them.

Especially since we don’t know what happened to Billie’s mother before her accident, who is angry with her and why.

Yes, it is a real investigation very well conducted. It’s interesting from the point of view of the police plot, and also because a legal aspect comes into play. Sabine is involved, because Becker, her father, is not going to be arranged by the situation, which hinders her investigation. .. I hope that the spectators will enjoy watching this plot as much as I enjoyed reading it!

Finally, do you have other projects on the sidelines of Un Si Grand Soleil?

I have a new plot that starts in July, so I’ve been shooting quite a bit for the daily lately as there is a two month gap between filming and broadcasting. Otherwise, I played a guest in an episode of season 5 of Tandem, in which I am a chef and which will be broadcast on May 11. After that, I shot in another project for France 2 called Les Invisibles, a series that will be released in September. I also embarked on a rather funny adventure of a small short film shot as part of the Nikon festival by a friend, in a building in full confinement! (laughs) He’s doing his little thing in festivals, in Asia, in San Francisco, the pre-Oscars selection circuit, all that … And he deals with ordinary sexism, a militant subject, so I’m very happy to have him made ! And finally, I will soon play in a 6X52 minutes, Manipulations, with Marine Delterme. I am offered beautiful projects with very different characters, while continuing to develop Sabine in Un Si Grand Soleil. I am very lucky !

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