Un Si Grand Soleil: the Akim-Lucille breakup, the meeting with Noémie… The revelations…

Un Si Grand Soleil the Akim Lucille breakup the meeting with

Nothing is going well between Akim and Lucille in “Un si grand soleil”. Break, new meeting … Aïssam Medhem, the interpreter of the young policeman, tells us more about what awaits his character during the next episodes.

Allociné: Nothing has gone well between Lucille and Akim since the young woman accepted a position as a correspondent in Barcelona. What can we expect for this couple in the upcoming episodes ofsuch a big sun ?

Aissam Medhem : Akim and Lucille (Alicia Dadoun) will separate. She does offer Akim to follow her to Barcelona, ​​but he realizes that they don’t have the same desires for the future together. Inevitably, he is very disappointed that she wants to leave and seize this professional opportunity at all costs. Suddenly, there is a big tension because they realize that they are no longer at all in phase in their relationship. This drastically lowers Akim’s feelings towards Lucille, which creates incomprehension, frustration and inevitably a rupture.

It’s really the end of an emblematic couple of the series…

It’s a bit surprising that they break up so abruptly because Lucille and Akim were written as a strong couple. But it is proof that you never know what tomorrow is made of.

Akim won’t be alone for long since he could quickly find love again…

During a demonstration against a polluting factory, Akim is called in to intervene against illegal protesters. On the spot, he will arrest Noémie (Lucile Krier) who is rather provocative towards the police. From there, a rather tense bond will begin between them because Akim has been a little virulent with her and Noémie doesn’t really like the authorities. But little by little, the charm will take over and the attraction too.

During Gaëlle Lestrac’s escape, Élise (Malya Roman) was shot in front of Akim. An event that sent Akim back to a defining moment in his life: when he was shot in the head during a shooting a few years earlier. Could his post-traumatic stress be addressed during future investigations?

I think yes. From the moment he was shot in a shootout and became a police officer, he will inevitably be faced with scenarios similar to what he experienced. Either way, I think it stays with you for life.

Apart from his heart stories, what can we expect for Akim in the coming weeks?

There is a big investigation happening around Noémie’s farm which will mix both private and professional life.

A word on the Akim-Thierry pair (Nicolas Gérout)?

I think they embody two different points of view on our country and a completely opposite way of seeing people. This duo serves a little to tell what could happen within a police station or a company. The fact that he works with Akim will perhaps allow him to realize that labeling people is not necessarily the best solution. Instead, you have to meet them.

Will they ever be able to get along?

All that will depend on Thierry. From the moment when we are no longer in the rejection of the other but in the acceptance, the other also accepts you. If Thierry decides to review his clichéd positions, everyone will take a step towards it.

The picture is not all black either and Thierry is despite everything a fairly nuanced character. On the one hand, he thinks horrible things and on the other, he has great convictions as well as great values. It’s interesting to show characters like that too.

How do you view Akim’s development?

It’s quite dizzying. I was not expecting that at all. I have the impression that Akim became an adult at the same time as me. Between the ages of 22 and 25, we leave adolescence and at 26 we enter adulthood. This transition was also made with the evolution of the character. Initially, we saw a kid who was discovering adult life, who was a bit lost and could have flaws. Besides, there are always plenty of them. From now on, he is a young adult who has found himself professionally and who is emotionally rather stable.

Is there a subject you would like to address through your character?

I would like to play a double agent where we would ask ourselves whether Akim is nice or bad. I would love to play a double game like that! I would love a turnaround because of the headshot too. It would be dark. It would be too good [rires].

Do you have other projects apart from Un si grand soleil that you can tell us about?

I just finished filming the series Addicted for TF1. It’s kinda inspired by the series. You. I’m also going to tackle the shooting of a short film in which I have the main role. Otherwise, I write my film.

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