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On February 4, “Un Si Grand Soleil” will see one of its key couples marry for a righteous marriage, following an unexpected marriage proposal. But this event could well make waves …

While two emblematic couples of Un Si Grand Soleil have just separated, another is about to get married! After the consummate rupture of Johanna and Ludo and the formalization of divorce from Alice and Julien, love is floundering these days in the daily newspaper of France 2.

This is without counting the couple Elise / Sofia, more united than ever after the birth of their little Charlie and the unwavering support of Sofia in the face of the legal troubles of her companion … A solid relationship which will lead in the coming weeks to a official union! In an interview with Télé Star magazine, Marie-Clotilde Ramos Ibañez revealed that her character would ask Elise (Malya Roman) for her hand in the next episodes.

Opposed to Bilal (Malik Elakehal El Miliani), the father of their child, since the start of Elise’s pregnancy, Sofia will finally find a solution to ease the tensions, and that everyone can find their place around the baby. “Sofia is going to ask Elise in marriage in order to be able, too, to exercise parental authority over Charlie.“A plot that will be centered on”everyone’s difficulty in finding their place in this family.

This reaction of Sofia will follow a betrayal of Bilal, which will return Elise “furious, to the point of cutting ties with him.“During the pregnancy, Bilal felt the need to be more involved in the child’s life, something that Sofia took as a threat, having no parental rights to the child herself. ‘child. An unfortunately recurrent situation for same-sex couples: “I learned a lot about [leurs] rights“, continues the actress, whose sister went through a similar process.”We had a lot of discussion on the questions that such a process raises. What makes us angry is the cumbersome administrative procedures for a homoparental couple.

By marrying Elise, Sofia will thus protect her status as a mother and will restore the balance in this parental trio. A wedding that will take place on February 4, but which will not be without turbulence for one of the brides … Will Sofia’s still little-known past surface? To be continued in the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil!

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