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Fred Bianconi, who plays Virgile Berville in “Un Si Grand Soleil”, revealed on his Instagram account a behind-the-scenes photo of the shooting taken in a cemetery. It did not take more for the fans to imagine the worst…

Will there soon be a new death in Un Si Grand Soleil? In any case, this is what Fred Bianconi, who plays Virgile Berville in the daily soap opera of France 2, suggests in a photo published on his Instagram account on February 7.

The comedian, who is used to sharing behind the scenes of the filming of the series, unveiled a snapshot that sowed doubt in the minds of fans. If he has been less present since the Senso fire, his character should soon sign his big comeback, in circumstances that could prove to be dramatic.

In the photo, which has the caption “Atmosphere…”, Fred Bianconi and the teams of the series are indeed in a cemetery. Does this mean that a death will soon turn the lives of the protagonists of Un Si Grand Soleil upside down?

It is possible, the scriptwriters having already proven in the past that they are not afraid to kill the leading characters of the soap opera. Fans have not forgotten the shock death of Myriam (Pauline Paolini) following a burglary gone wrong last August.

And if Internet users are already imagining the worst, as evidenced by the comments under the photo, the reasons for his presence at the cemetery may not be as tragic as they seem.

Remember: in February 2020, Un Si Grand Soleil struck a blow by killing Léa (Marthe Frieschi), Virgile’s daughter, in the Escape Game fire. The young woman had indeed found herself blocked in a room of the game, and, although she had tried until the end to unlock the doors by guessing the mechanism of the game supposed to open it, she had died of asphyxiation before the rescue fails to save her. Virgil may therefore have simply come to pay homage to his daughter, who is buried in this cemetery.

Marthe Frieschi also sent a message to her fictional father, commenting “I hope you come give me a kiss” under the photo of Fred Bianconi. Case to follow in the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil.

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