Un Si Grand Soleil: Senso’s drama manager revealed on TV

Un Si Grand Soleil Sensos drama manager revealed on TV

Accumulating the dramas, the private club of Alix and Virgile will be forced to close its doors. But while Maxime adopts suspicious behavior with Inès, could it be that he is the author of all their misfortunes?

In previous episodes ofSuch a Great Sun, fate seems to have fallen on the Senso, a top-of-the-range private club opened with great fanfare by Virgile and Alix just a month ago. Accusations of pimping, fire, car accident which nearly cost Sofia her life, attack on a customer in the parking lot… So many dramas which generated a real bad buzz on social networks.

Resigned, Virgil announced to Alix his intention to close the club and fire their employees. A harsh decision for their staff, of which Inès is a part, since the young girl decided to take a break from her studies. She will then contact Maxime, Sabine’s boyfriend who is one of the Senso’s regular customers.

Having heard of the repeated troubles that threatened the survival of the establishment, the latter had offered the young waitress to come and work as a hostess in his sports club if she were to lose her job. Determined to find a way to bounce back quickly, Inès will accept Maxime’s proposal, who will hire her with undisguised enthusiasm and ask her to start working immediately.

In the episode of Monday July 4, Inès will take her first steps as a hostess in Maxime’s sports establishment. But as the site reveals News Newsthe behavior of her new boss towards her will quickly become problematic.

Several remarks on her physique will first puzzle Inès, before Maxime asks her if she has a boyfriend and is surprised at her celibacy. Then he will then touch her hand, before asking her to try on a prototype sports bra in front of him. Isolated in a cabin and uncomfortable, Inès will suddenly find herself face to face with Maxime, who will touch her face while complimenting her on her physique. Panicked, the hostess rushes off…

For her part, Sabine will decide to end her relationship with Maxime after discovering that her complicity with Dimitri was still intact. To his great surprise, his companion will show himself to be very unmoved by this break-up, as shown in an extract unveiled by France Télévisions…

Meanwhile, Elise continues to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young woman three years earlier when she was a waitress at Vanita, Senso’s former label. By discovering the face of the disappeared, she seems disturbed by her familiarity… Indeed, this one looks almost exactly like Inès!

In view of the predatory methods used by Maxime to recruit Inès in his establishment, could it be that the businessman had something to do with the disappearance of the waitress three years earlier? This would explain his intrusive questions to find out if the club will indeed close its doors, or if the man who attacked Claudine in the parking lot has been identified…

Anyway, after this heavily condemnable act with Inès, Maxime now appears to us as the number 1 suspect in the intrigue around the Senso – especially since he had never appeared in the daily before the opening of the premises. Why does he really want to see Alix and Virgile’s club go out of business? Does it contain a truth that could harm him?

To follow from July 4 on France 2 and in preview on SALTO!

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