Un Si Grand Soleil: Naïma Rodric leaves the series, another actress will play Lucille -…

Un si grand soleil: naïma rodric leaves the series, another actress will play lucille -...

While she was to start this week filming a new plot around Lucille, the character she has played since 2018, the actress has made the decision to leave the daily soap opera of France 2.

Thunderclap in Montpellier. After the long anticipated departure of Jérémy Banster this summer, who played the role of Julien Bastide, it is now the actress Naïma Rodric who has decided to leave Un Si Grand Soleil, where she has played the role of Lucille for three years.

According to Free noon, the actress would have precipitately left the series when she was to begin this Monday, October 18, the filming of a new major plot around her character, forcing the production to replace her at short notice by another actress, Alicia Dadoun, seen in Clem and Les Héritiers.

From student to journalist, her character had undergone a great evolution in recent months and lived a solid yet conflicting love affair with Akim (Aïssam Medhem), a young police officer.

Present in Lille during the Séries Mania festival on August 30, the actress confided in Allociné about the sometimes intense rhythm of the filming of the daily newspaper of France 2, and the degree of involvement required from the actors:

There is a big plot coming up for me. I was warned that in November, I had to take a lot of vitamins because you have to know that when a character in the series has a main plot, it’s almost filming every day, often with seven or eight sequences per day. And when you have this rhythm for a week, every day, I swear, it’s exhausting.

The actress explained to have “almost fell into depression“two years ago during a major storyline involving his character.”It’s very hard, we go from one emotion to another, we walk from set to set, and in the evening when we come home, we are emptied, we have to recover from everything we have experienced during the day . “

“And then, I am a very lonely person. I love nature, calm, and being surrounded by a team like that all the time, with people screaming, each person’s character is a huge challenge. energy around you that you have to manage.

On this occasion, Naïma Rodric also expressed her sadness over the disappearance of actor Abel Aboualiten of the series, which played his grandfather Madji and the director of the Montpellier zoo at the start of the soap opera.

In all fairness, he himself as a comedian is very saddened by the way things got done. That is to say that we did not warn him more than that, in fact, that [les intrigues du] zoo was almost finished. I too am very sad because there were really beautiful things to play with Lucie’s grandfather. I really hope they’ll at least bring him back every now and then.

Want to get away from the sets for personal reasons, artistic differences? Whatever they are, the actress did not want to make public the reasons for her departure, which took the production of the daily by surprise.

Among her other upcoming projects, Naïma Rodric will soon be showing in the Belgian film Music Hole, a black and burlesque comedy with Tom Audenaert, Vanessa Guide and Wim Willaert.

In 2020, she also appeared in the series Crossroads soon on France 3, produced by Toma de Matteis (producer of Un Si Grand Soleil) with Fred Bianconi who also plays in the soap opera, and in an episode of the crime series Cassandre which will be broadcast this fall.

Contacted, the channel declined to comment on his departure.

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