Un Si Grand Soleil: Myriam’s death, Louis’ guilt… The revelations of…

Shock in “Un Si Grand Soleil”: Myriam was found dead at L Cosmétiques. Is Louis responsible for this tragedy? Sylvain Boccara tells us more about the rest of the plot, the future of Louis and Kira, and the new features for the start of the school year.

AlloCiné: What is your assessment of these first months spent in Such a Great Sun ?

Sylvain Boccara : I am very happy. I arrived with apprehensions, like everyone I believe. But the teams are super nice. It’s going very well. We can try a lot of things, little by little we have more freedom in the game. It’s really a very positive experience.

What did you like about the role of Louis when you passed the tests?

The only trait of Louis that I knew when I was introduced to the character was that he had a school phobia. In the sense that, when he learns something, he forgets it almost immediately. So I tried to put some of my social phobia in there. It was quite fun to work on at first. To see that my own experience could nourish that of Louis.

And then I pretty quickly met Cesar Mericwho plays Mark, and Hill Ramos-Pintowho plays Kira, and we hit it off right away.

A daily soap opera has a particular shooting rhythm, quite intense, since it never stops. Is it complicated to adapt to this rhythm when you’re not used to it?

Yes, completely. You have to pick up the pace. At the beginning we receive tons of mail, with all the texts, we don’t understand (laughs). But that’s the reality of filming. We say to ourselves at the start “Every day I’m going to have to work as much”, and in fact you learn your working method little by little, you adopt automatisms and you get used to this rhythm. But it took a month I would say.

Plus, I’m doing a conservatory in Paris, so it was a little confusing to go back and forth between Paris and Montpellier, and to juggle between the two. Between the roles I played at the conservatory and the role of Louis. Especially since on Un Si Grand Soleil there are sometimes ten episodes between two scenes that we shoot in the same day. You have to meet there.

But fortunately we are helped by the script on the set, for the narrative follow-up, and by the coach who is more there for the psychological follow-up of the character from one scene to another. You just have to manage to be available for all that.

Your character is currently at the heart of a big plot. While Louis had accepted the relationship between Myriam and Marc, and was delighted with their baby project, Jacques’ suicide attempt blew everything up. Louis holds Myriam responsible and he has taken it into his head to take revenge…

Louis knew that his grandfather had been extorted, it was already hard for him to take, because the family is a real bond for Louis. And there, to know that Myriam is involved in the story and that L Cosmétique has filed a complaint, that’s one thing too many. Louis can no longer listen to the people around him, he makes a film. And neither of his parents can really reason with him. It’s like they knew he was going to screw up. But they are helpless.

Besides, I think Louis sees all of this as a test of himself. He suffered a bit from all the events and now he wants to no longer just be a spectator of all that. He is in this state of mind when he decides to take revenge.

And while Louis goes to L Cosmétiques to start a fire, Myriam is found dead at the same time…

Yes, Louis made a copy of Myriam’s keys to break into L Cosmétiques with cans of gasoline. He succeeds, quietly. But it was perhaps not the right day to go there since Myriam is found the same evening dead in the warehouse of L Cosmétiques. Louis will therefore have to suffer the consequences of his bullshit.

Un Si Grand Soleil Myriams death Louis guilt The revelations

How will Louis and his father cope with the death of Myriam?

Louis and Marc will both find themselves helpless in the face of Myriam’s death – Marc totally depressed and Louis completely in guilt – and this common misfortune will finally bring them closer. While in general they tend to yell at each other when things are not going well and things explode. They will really have to live everything together, the two of them. Ups and downs.

You mentioned Louis’ guilt. How will things be presented to viewers? We are supposed to believe that Louis is perhaps responsible for the death of Myriam? While assuming that maybe not the case and other characters could have been in the warehouse at the same time?

Yes, first, we’re going to have half of the evening’s flashback, which may suggest that Louis is responsible for Myriam’s death. But we don’t have all the details, we feel that it’s more complex than that. And finally there will be a scene a little later where Louis will confide in his father because he can no longer be consumed by this guilt. And then we will better understand what happened.

How did you react when you learned what the screenwriters had in store for the character of Myriam?

I was very sad because I had just met Pauline Paolini at the end of the day. We hadn’t been touring together for very long and the current was going very well between us. I learned that a little before the filming of the plot and I found it a shame.

Especially since I think Pauline just wanted to shoot a little less, and in the end it ended like that. But maybe his character would have taken up too much space otherwise. I do not know. Anyway, on a personal level, it really affected me, I was sad to see her go.

Another element that could further complicate things for Louis and his father is the fact that Léonor is in fact behind Jacques’ misfortunes, since she wanted revenge on Marc through her father. Will the truth finally come out?

Yes, completely. It is a truth that will burst at the right trough of the wave. When everyone is well washed, bam, we put on a layer (laughs). It will be complicated for Louis, but it is above all Léonor who will cause his own downfall.

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Will the Mourre family stay in Un Si Grand Soleil despite Myriam’s death? Is your character there to last?

Yes of course. I read a bit about what happens to Louis next. We’re going to have some good storylines. There’s the story with Kira that’s supposed to come to fruition one day (laughs). We hope so! There is Marc who could have a new girlfriend. And the revelation of what Léonore did will not necessarily lead Marc and Léonore to very positive things.

With the departure of Camille, do you already know if there are plans for new teenage characters to join Kira and Louis in high school?

Yes, there are two new characters coming soon. We have already filmed a whole plot with them. The characters are called Robin and Thaïs, and they are played by Lucas Ivoula and Lila Guiraud. They are both very cool, we get along very well, we have already formed a good group. And there will also be new teachers. We are going to discover a new impetus in the school which is super pleasant.

Viewers are very fond of Kira and Louis. Will we finally be entitled to a love story between them?

Maybe (laughs). But Louis does not understand everything directly. He has a little trouble (laughs). Already love is complicated in real life, but for Louis, it’s something…

Do you have wishes for Louis? Registers or types of plots that you would like to play?

Generally speaking, because I’m coming out of a very dramatic plot about the Mourre family, I wanted to do more comedy. And there I had a bit of that in what we shot recently. So I would like us to continue to explore this register. I got used to this clumsy Louis, so I try to defend him more and more. These moments of real embarrassment, misunderstandings, I really like playing that.