Un Si Grand Soleil: Muriel Combeau (Alicia) soon back in the series [SPOILERS]

Jennifer radier

Jennifer radier

Series editor

Every evening she travels between Sète, Calvières and Montpellier from her sofa. Tomorrow belongs to us, Here everything begins and Un si grand Soleil has almost no secrets for it.

Alicia Boisseron (Muriel Combeau), a character well known to the faithful of Un Si Grand Soleil, will make her big comeback in the soap opera on Thursday on France 2.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

After a very noticed appearance as a strong businesswoman on the occasion of an intrigue at the beginning of the year, Muriel Combeau, the interpreter of Alicia Boisseron, is about to make her big comeback in Un si great sun from Thursday evening on France 2.

Imprisoned for six months now for fraud and tax evasion following the betrayal of her son-in-law Eliott (Stéphane Monpetit) who actually worked for prosecutor Bernier, Alicia Boisseron had since disappeared from our radar. And it is as a free woman that viewers of the flagship Montpellier soap opera will find this character.

Now released from prison, Alicia will move in with her son Gaspard (François Le Guen) in the hope of finding some semblance of normal life. If Eve (Emma Colberti) hopes that she will give up revenge on her son, Eliott, who feels guilty for having sent her behind bars, intends to redeem himself with the businesswoman by offering her help.

Wasted effort. Alicia still has not digested the part he played in his arrest and is terribly angry with him for destroying their family. But this grudge may well be the least of his worries. Indeed, without a job, she will have to fight to consider recovering her former life. Unfortunately, Alicia will come up against reality and find that her friends from yesterday have turned their backs on her.

Isolated, will she end up accepting Eliott’s outstretched hand? Unless the gap between them widens a little more when she learns that Gaspard and Eliott have come closer in her absence? For his part, will Eliott succeed in repairing the wrongs caused to the Boisseron family? All the answers will be discovered soon in the sequel to Un Si Grand Soleil.

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