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Jennifer radier

Jennifer radier

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Every evening she travels between Sète, Calvières and Montpellier from her sofa. Tomorrow belongs to us, Here everything begins and Un si grand Soleil has almost no secrets for it.

Last week, the faithful of Un Si Grand Soleil bade farewell to Jérémy Banster (Julien). The opportunity for Maëlle Mietton, the interpreter of Alice, to speak about the departure of her playing partner.

Friday, July 30, Jérémy Banster, who played Julien Bastide since the launch of Un Si grand Soleil in 2018, bade farewell to the flagship soap opera of France 2. After the departure Manon (Mélanie Robert) left to study in Lausanne, it is therefore another hard blow for the Bastide clan.

Accused of the murders of Elsa Chalin (Julie Boulanger) and Wilson Samba (Kamini Zantoko), Julien had to flee in order to avoid being wrongly imprisoned. With the help of Elizabeth (Chrystelle Labaude), Alice and her stepfather Alain (Frédéric Van Den Driessche), he embarked on a catamaran for Uruguay to begin a new chapter in his life.

A moving farewell to the screen as much as to the city for Maëlle Mietton, the interpreter of Alice, who has lost in passing her playing partner for three years. In an interview with Leisure TV, the actress confided in the departure of her fictional husband: “There is emotion and it’s touching because I appreciate him a lot, he is very professional and attentive, there is a real bond between us. Real affinities have been created with the actors of the Bastide family. They are important partners“.

Despite this umpteenth shock for the Bastides, the actress nevertheless hopes to have “more beautiful scenes to shoot with Chrystelle and Auguste (Auguste Yvon)“.

Asked about her future on the Montpellier plateaus, Maëlle Mietton said, “By nature, I am ephemeral. As you might think when you’re in love with someone it might end tomorrow. The rhythm of the soap opera is very particular in the profession of an actor. But as long as I find my place artistically and humanly, everything is fine, there is no reason for me to leave“.

Something to reassure all fans of Alice and the program. Un Si Grand Soleil is broadcast every evening at 8:40 p.m. on France 2 and in preview on SALTO.

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