Un Si Grand Soleil: Ludovic will fall under the spell of one of his clients [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Un Si Grand Soleil: Ludovic will fall under the spell of one of his clients [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

While the young animal trainer has become an escort boy to help settle his landlady’s financial problems, he could soon find love among the women who use his services …

In the last episodes of Un Si grand Soleil, Ludovic, played by Folco Marchi, accepted a surprising proposal from Laetitia (Shirley Bousquet), with whom he spent a torrid night: to become an escort boy for lonely women, having need a boost of self-confidence.

If Ludovic refuses at first, the financial problems of Maryline, his landlady, threatens to force her to sell her apartment. For the animal healer, it also means losing the lovely intergenerational roommate that he forms with the retiree, Davia and Bilal.

Faced with the high sums proposed for his services, he accepts the proposal, and joins forces with Alix to manage his client book. And if certain dates turn out to be perilous for him, Ludovic could well find love there, and have “a big crush” for a woman.

“Little Ludo is going to capsize completely. Out of love for her, he’s going to push the plug a little further.“, confides Folco Marchi to Leisure TV. Since her relationship with Joanna (Aurore Delplace), which ended in pain after the loss of the baby she was expecting, will Ludovic open his heart again?

On the side of its interpreter, this light intrigue comprising many intimate scenes required a lot of investment. I’m still quite modest, but, for me, what matters above all is that the actress with whom I play these scenes feels comfortable and that the director has what he wants. If I see that people are alright, so will I. “

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