Un Si Grand Soleil: Julien Bastide’s new relationship unveiled – news series on tv

Un si grand soleil: julien bastide's new relationship unveiled - news series on tv

The Alice-Julien divorce now over, the latter will soon find love with a character rather unexpected for viewers …

After the surprise wedding of Eliott and Sam, and the upcoming one of Elise and Sofia after the latter’s request, viewers of Un Si Grand Soleil will soon be entitled to the realization of a new romance … rather surprising!

A new, younger partner

Julien Bastide (Jérémy Banster), who played one of the leading couples in the daily life with Alice (Maëlle Mietton) is now divorced, but his celibacy did not last very long: last January, his interpreter confided in Allociné’s microphone on a future unexpected meeting that Julien was going to make. A new couple who may take the public by surprise: “It’s quite surprising and I think a lot of people won’t expect it. These are not characters at first glance that we could have seen together but when it does, it will be quickly understandable for the public.

The site Star TV revealed that it was Johanna, the ambitious young lawyer camped by Aurore Delplace. Now single after her painful breakup with Ludo (Folco Marchi), Johanna will quickly get closer to the director of L Cosmetics, despite the latter’s reluctance to consider a new relationship. “She wants to believe it, but for Julien, it’s complicated. He is haunted by the death of Hugues, overtaken by his nightmares … he pushes Johanna away after their first night. It’s gonna be chaotic“, reveals Aurore Delplace.

A “dressing” relationship?

A romance that will also be undermined by the difficulties for the young woman to find her place with her son Arthur, who will not look favorably on his father’s new relationship. “Julien has children, not she. Arthur is cold, she is awkward with him. They find it hard to play the part of the blended family“, she adds, while qualifying that both can have ambitions in common. Including that of starting a family? We remember that Johanna had suffered a lot from the loss of the baby she was expecting with Ludo, following the fire escape game. I imagine that will be addressed. It would be a logical continuation in a story that aims to rebuild itself. But does he want it?“asks Jérémy Banster. After all, this new story could just as easily be a temporary diversion, after a divorce difficult to cash for Julien:”After a separation like this, what happens next is bound to be a transition, a bandage, a placebo or something that just feels good.“, he explained to us in January.”We are not here to know if it will be important or not. Today, it’s something that makes Julien feel good. With everything he’s been through, this relationship gives him a little levity.

A lightness a little less shared by Aurore Delplace, worried about the way in which viewers will be able to perceive her character in this new plot. “While Johanna isn’t responsible for their breakup, I still don’t expect rave reviews. But this is the starting deal. The producer told me he wanted Johanna to be the character we love to hate … it’s off to a good start“, she declared to Télé Star. Only time will tell if this new adventure will be stable or not. A romance all the more threatened by the future legal troubles which await Johanna: Christophe (Hubert Benhamdine), her ex- spouse, is about to do another dirty blow to the lawyer …

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