In the next episodes of the series, Inès’ boyfriend will be suspected by the police of being behind the publication of an intimate video of the young girl who circulated in their high school. Accused of revenge porn, Jules is going to be upset.

For several weeks in Un Si Grand Soleil, Inès (Maeva El Aroussi) and Anissa (Siham Falhoune) created a feminist collective to raise awareness among high school students about the issues surrounding sexism and consent.

While they work tirelessly to prepare for a major debate in the establishment, Inès discovers that an intimate video of her is circulating on social networks. The video was originally intended for her boyfriend Jules (Jean-Baptiste Lamour), Inès explodes with rage and accuses her of having broadcast the video.

Inès then decides to file a complaint. Jules’ mother then receives a call from the investigators, asking that Jules be interviewed by the investigators. A terrible accusation for the young boy: he may protest and swear his innocence to Inès, she does not believe him. Indeed, the video came from his cell phone and was published via an anonymous account.

While awaiting his appearance before the children’s judge, Jules receives the order to stay away from Inès by the gendarmes. Devastated, the teenager assures Inès that he loves her and could never have hurt her, but his girlfriend threatens him to file a harassment complaint again if he continues to contact her.

According to the site News Actual, this chain of events will have serious consequences for Jules: in the episode of Monday, April 12, he will indeed try to end his life by swallowing sleeping pills. His mother will find him unconscious in his bed, a letter intended for Inès by his side …

Meanwhile, Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs) will be seized with remorse when he learns of Jules’ legal troubles. But Etienne, at the origin of the false account and the sending of the intimate images of Inès, will try to reassure him: Jules being a minor, nothing serious can happen to him. This one indeed wanted to sabotage the debate organized by the high school girls by discrediting Inès in the eyes of his small comrades.

Will Enzo then try to redeem himself by revealing the truth to Inès, in order to prevent a tragedy? Unless it’s already too late for Jules …

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