Un Si Grand Soleil: “Johanna and Ludo will stay on good terms” according to Folco Marchi

After a year full of twists and turns, Ludo and Johanna have decided to go their separate ways in Un si grand soleil. Folco Marchi, the interpreter of Ludo, returns for us on this separation and on what awaits his character in the series.

Allociné: With the fire of the escape game, the loss of Johanna’s baby, Christophe’s jealousy and the Giménez affair, Ludo was not really spared by the writers of Un si grand soleil. What is your assessment of the past few months for your character?

Folco Marchi : It has been long, intense and difficult months for Ludo. I think all of this made him evolve and grow. Through all these trials, he learned to assert himself. He also revealed himself a bit. The separation with Johanna was the last straw and now he wants to give way to pleasure. Moreover, the character inspires me in my own life and sometimes helps me to make certain decisions. It is true that he has not always been easy to get along with because he has this slightly psychoactive side, closed and sometimes a little too extreme when it comes to things that affect him. Still, I think it’s a revival for the character. This will give way to a little more lightness.

If you had to pick up one storyline or anecdote from the shoot, which one would it be?

The plot of the escape game because there was action. It was new, there was a bit of adventure even if it was indeed tragic for the character of Léa (Marthe Fieschi). I discovered Teïlo Azaïs and I was able to play with new actors. It was really very interesting.

What do you like about Ludo and do you share some common points with him?

What unites us are really our ecological convictions. I really like his kindness, his desire to always want to remain neutral and never to harm others. I like his somewhat narrow-minded side. Even if it can seem a little smooth at times, I tried to qualify it by bringing a little joy otherwise it would have remained a character too psychorigid. I wanted to make it more alive than it could seem. There are a lot of things that I like about this character. We share the same ideas of life.

Nothing has been going well between Ludo and Johanna (Aurore Delplace) for some time now. After promising to make an effort, Johanna once again puts her career before the man she loves and causes their separation. Can we think that it is final?

I think it’s definitely over between them as they are way too different from each other. They will undoubtedly find happiness again, but in an individual way. Despite everything, I have the impression that they will remain on good terms and even help each other. That’s what I like about Ludo, he leaves no room for hatred. They will continue to argue but they will eventually reconcile. When you separate from someone, it’s always better to find common ground than to shoot each other.

How will Ludo live this separation?

The days following their separation are a little more off in the series. He returns to the roommate where he finds a lot of kindness and affection in Marilyn (Elisabeth Margoni) and the other inhabitants. He is a bit annoyed but less than he could have imagined. No doubt thanks to her complicity with Alice (Maëlle Mietton) who also saw the same thing on her side. It’s really going to get him out of it all. The days and weeks that follow will quickly give way to lightness. He will go ahead.

Despite everything, will Ludo decide to live his dream and leave for Patagonia?

Always not. This is the second time and it might be time to put a real budget for Patagonia [rires]. Perhaps he will realize that ultimately happiness is above all to be good with oneself and that he will decide to go alone. But for the moment, Ludo will not be leaving for Patagonia.

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Ludo has recently become very close to Alice. What does she mean to him and does he see her only as a friend?

They have a bond that is extraordinary. I think he sees her as a charming big sister whom he loves a lot but it’s totally platonic. It is a real man-woman friendship. It is a solar friendship where Alice and Ludo share a lot of things despite their professional bond. I understand that there may be a doubt but no, these are people who love each other in a friendly manner.

Ludo’s heavy family past has often been mentioned. Is this an aspect that the writers of the series could continue to explore in the future?

It’s true that it’s been a while since we played together with Isabelle Leprince. Sometimes I wonder if there won’t be a little return from the father. It would be very interesting to play. For the moment, that has not been mentioned in the texts but I would like very much. It’s always interesting to look back at a character’s past and I would very much appreciate exploiting this lead. And then I miss not playing with Isabelle Leprince whom I adore. She’s a huge actress with whom I really enjoy playing and who taught me a lot.

Your character is very concerned with ecological issues. We often see him encourage his entourage to adopt the necessary actions to preserve the planet. Insofar as this theme is very current in our society, can we hope to see Ludo be invested with a mission around this subject?

It’s funny that you ask me the question because for two years I have not stopped fantasizing about the idea that one day Ludo turns into an Ecoman at night. He would then witness a kind of illegal waste trafficking and he would assemble a small team around him to put an end to it. We could reveal that in an entertaining way so that it doesn’t sound too much of a lesson. It could raise awareness.

Which actors in the series would you like to share a plot with?

I would love to play again with Hubert Benhamdine, Moïse Santamaria, Benjamin Bourgois, Julien Masdoua and Alban Aumard. I love them all, actually. But I find it funny when we have the good surprise of being on sets together.

Do you have other projects besides Un si grand soleil that you can tell us about?

I just finished filming Mortelles Calanques where I met François-Dominique Blin. I have a project on hold in Spain with a director who is interested in the subject of the Bataclan attacks. It was quite moving to play during the casting. I’m also writing a mini-series called “Sam Wild”. This is the story of a fake Youtuber adventurer who built a whole community by giving tips to fend for himself in nature. In fact, the guy has never left his house and still lives with his mother. He invented a whole world for himself. He will be forced by his sponsor to leave his home to promote a product and obviously it will be a disaster when he is going to be confronted for real with the elements. It’s a comic mini-series that I wish I could develop.

Interview by telephone on January 15, 2021.

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