Un Si Grand Soleil: Johanna and Florent will join forces

Un Si Grand Soleil: Johanna and Florent will join forces: While nothing is going anymore between Johanna and Guilhem, the lawyer is about to make a radical decision to embark on a whole new professional adventure in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

Un si grand soleil: johanna and florent will join forces
Un si grand soleil
Cécile MELLA / Fabien MALOT – FTV

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Un Si Grand Soleil

While the faithful of Un si grand soleil have just bid farewell to Julien (Jérémy Banster), the start of the school year could well be placed under the sign of renewal for certain characters of the Montpellier soap opera.

Since she testified against Julien (Jeremy Banster) in the Elsa Chalin affair, nothing works between Johanna (Aurore Delplace) and Guilhem (Manuel Blanc). Especially since the latter had not believed her when she had mentioned the outbursts of violence of the son Bastide.

A reaction with serious consequences for the young woman who has since called into question her future within the firm in which they are partners. Determined to get her life back in hand, Johanna is about to make a strong decision to start another professional adventure by the end of the summer.

From Monday evening on France 2, tensions will thus increase between Johanna and her uncle. The drop too much for the lawyer who chooses neither more nor less to resign on the spot. The opportunity for her to finally stand on her own feet.

But what can the future hold for him?

While she has promised to go to the end of her month’s notice, the young woman will quickly get it into her head to set up a firm with Florent Graçay (Fabrice Deville).

In an interview with Télé Star magazine, Aurore Delplace, Johanna’s interpreter, recently confided, “ Johanna has long wanted to become independent. This is what she will do by choosing to emancipate herself from her uncle and by setting up a firm with Florent Graçay “.

And to continue, ” I have the impression that it will make her nicer. She will feel lighter, more free. Florent is calm, it will appease him. They are very complementary. “.

However, Johanna and Florent will not be alone since they will hire the sister of Judge Alphand (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) as legal assistant. A brand new character who will also be interpreted by the young actress Clara Botte.

But that’s not all. The daily faithful will also have the pleasure of discovering sets created especially for the occasion and a specific musical identity for the firm.

Enough to start the next school year under the best auspices.

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