Un Si Grand Soleil: Jérémy Banster (Julien) announces his departure from the series

Coup de theater in “Un Si Grand Soleil”. After three years spent in the skin of Julien Bastide, Jérémy Banster has announced that he will leave the daily soap opera of France 2 and that he will not participate in season 4, expected in September.

The viewers of France 2 will, once again, have to say goodbye to a member of the Bastide family. Jérémy Banster, who has played Julien Bastide since the launch of Un Si Grand Soleil in 2018, has indeed announced on Instagram that he is leaving the daily soap opera after three years of good and loyal service.

“END CLAP … Season 3 of Un Si Grand Soleil is coming to an end soon, for me it is the end of a great adventure, I will not participate in season 4”, wrote the actor in a message that accompanies photos probably taken during his last day of filming in Montpellier.

“I had the chance and the pleasure to be able to play the role of Julien Bastide, a character for whom I have immense affection, I let you enjoy the last episodes in his company”, he continues without saying more about when Julien will make his last appearance in the series, even if everything suggests that the departure of Jérémy Banster will take place on the air in the course of the summer.

“Thank you very much to the France Télévisions teams, (…), thank you to the authors, directors, technicians, with whom I have shared so much and who have supported me. Thank you also to my partners, unfortunately I could not To quote you all, I obviously have a thought and a particular emotion for the “Inglourious Bastides” … Now it’s time for new adventures, new professional projects … Sincerely thank you to all of you for being able to share with you this great success !!! “.

Jérémy Banster, who will soon be in the credits of the TV movie Murders on the Frioul Islands on France 3, opposite Francis Huster, therefore seems to have decided to turn the page Un Si Grand Soleil to devote himself to other projects, whether in front of or behind the camera. It remains to be seen what fate will be reserved for his character, who is currently going through a complicated period in his relationship with Johanna (Aurore Delplace).

Jérémy Banster is not the first interpreter of a member of the Bastide family to leave Un Si Grand Soleil since, before him, Gary Guénaire (Théo) and Mélanie Robert (Manon) also moved away from Montpellier to explore other professional adventures. Departures announced as “momentary” at the time but which today seem to have been registered in the long term.

While Alice (Maëlle Mietton) will be back in the series in a few days, it will be interesting to see how the authors of Un Si Grand Soleil manage to breathe new life into the Bastides from the start.

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