Un Si Grand Soleil: “Jade will leave Montpellier” reveals Shemss Audat

Un Si Grand Soleil Jade will leave Montpellier reveals Shemss

Recently assaulted by a client of L. Cosmétiques, Jade could well take revenge in Un si grand soleil. Shemss Audat, his interpreter, confided in the microphone of Allociné on what awaits his character in the rest of the series.

Allociné: It’s been a year since you arrived in such a big sunwhat is your assessment of this adventure and the evolution of Jade?

Shemss Audat : I am very happy to play a character like Jade. Already because I often play cops and I found it quite funny to find myself on the other side of the barrier. And then, Jade has a rather incredible evolution. I immediately liked this character a lot because she is a girl full of energy, funny, with a real outspokenness and a strong temperament. In that sense, she’s a lot like me. People often tend to entrust me with fairly wise characters and suddenly to have the possibility of embodying a character a little more crazy, it’s very pleasant.

My character had left Montpellier, I didn’t expect to come back with such a nice plot. They gave me a very nice gift. It was really fun to make myself up to commit these burglaries, to find all these different looks, to wear lots of wigs and to embody lots of different characters.

And then it was really nice also to have this meeting with the character of Folco Marchi (Ludo editor’s note). It was immediately very easy and very fluid between us. I really like his way of working. I find him very inventive in his way of playing. Jade and Ludo still have a fairly happy, fairly free temperament and I find that the couple works very well. It is very pleasant to work with him but also with all of my partners.

Were you surprised to see Jade pull over?

Yes, it is surprising! I didn’t expect her to become an accountant at all (laughs). We are really on a 180 degree turn but I continue to try to keep this kind of freshness. She is certainly reaching an age where she wants to change her life. And then we never really reached out to him. There, there is someone who makes him want to land. Suddenly, she is valued and that changes her vision of things.

Jade has just landed a permanent contract at L. Cosmétiques. Unfortunately, she will meet Jean-Pierre Casil (Frederick Guillaud), a customer of the company. What can you tell us about this upcoming plot?

Jean-Pierre Casil will take advantage of his status as the club’s best client to make very advanced advances to Jade and even sexually assault her. Obviously, Jade, who has been in prison, is not going to let this happen.

Jade will have to meet her attacker several times. She who hates the police, will she file a complaint despite everything?

She thinks about talking to the police but she doesn’t imagine that anyone can believe her for a single second because of her past as a burglar. For his part, Jean-Pierre will go to L. Cosmétiques several times and taunt her in a certain way. By force, she will no longer hold out and will take revenge by doing justice to herself. As she has this past as a burglar, she will break into his house and destroy his entire cognac cellar. Unfortunately, it will leave traces of its passage. As she is stuck, she will have to flee and leave Montpellier again.

Jade and Akim (Aissam Medhem) have made peace. Will he investigate her or on the contrary try to protect her?

Many people will know why she did this. Bilal will warn Akim by telling him “It’s certainly not what you believe. The victim in this story is certainly not the one you believe”. There are therefore many possibilities that the character of Jade is bleached.

Are you going to leave the series?

I don’t know (laughs). It will depend on the writers. We will see.

I imagine her moving in with Ludo falls through?

That’s it ! Unfortunately, Ludo will not follow her. Besides, we shot quite heartbreaking farewells.

So is this the end of the Ludo-Jade couple?

Yes. Unless Jade comes back, but we’ll see. Everything can happen.

You recently shot in the series The Girl and the Nightthe adaptation of the work of Guillaume Musso. What can you tell us about the character of Manon?

Manon is the only character in the series who hardly exists in the novel. It only exists in the first five pages. Sydney Gallondethe producer of the series, had really liked Manon in the novel and with Guillaume Musso, they wanted to develop it to make it one of the main characters.

I found it quite funny to play this pregnant cop. She left the Stups to join the municipal police to have a little quieter life. In the first script, there were a lot more scenes about Manon’s personal life but in the end they wanted to make it more mysterious.

She was at this school when Vinca disappeared. It traumatized all the students a bit. When Thomas returns for that high school reunion, she can’t help but want to poke around and figure it out. She will despite herself be caught up in a story that normally is no longer at all in her current role. Despite everything, she will want to investigate.

In this somewhat icy atmosphere, there is a touch of humor through the characters of Manon and Stéphane Pianelli.

We really embody the French duo. We’re the only characters in the show who don’t come from a wealthy family. We embody characters who are much more popular. I think that indeed we bring a little lightness in this particularly heavy and heavy atmosphere.

Was it difficult to juggle between English and French?

It was a challenge to shoot in English and to shoot with an English director. I worked on my accent (laughs). It wasn’t very complicated even if it didn’t happen very often that I had to switch from one language to another in the same day. It’s true that I was more relaxed on the French stages. And at the same time, there was something very pleasant about filming in English because you think less about each word. We are in a kind of momentum. It’s a bit more visceral. It’s something different that brought me another form of play

You dubbed your scenes for the needs of the French version. It was not too complicated as an exercise?

It wasn’t easy, especially since we had to mourn the phrases we loved very much and the way of saying things. We really got down to work with the set director to try to keep Manon’s way of speaking as much as possible. It wasn’t easy because I think it’s much easier to dub a character that you have to invent. There, in this case, I shot the scenes that I dubbed so it’s a bit of a bereavement. I would like people to watch the original version because that’s how we shot the show. And because I want people to see my beautiful English accent too (laughs).

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