Un Si Grand Soleil: “It’s going to go very far with Enzo”… The revelations of Fabrice Deville…

Un si grand soleil: "it's going to go very far with enzo"... The revelations of fabrice deville...

Met at the Monte-Carlo festival last June, Fabrice Deville, the interpreter of Florent, confided in our microphone about what awaits his character during the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil” .

Allociné: Florent is currently at the heart of a new plot in such a big sun who will mix professional and personal life since he has promised to watch over Aurore (Clara Huet ), the daughter of Philippe Verneuil (Francois Bureloup), one of his oldest clients. What can you tell us about this?

Fabrice Deville : It’s very gripping because Florent is convinced that Philippe is innocent. It will take him very far in the reflection because he will wonder why he cannot defend him properly. Philippe was Florent’s very first client and my character was also there for him when he lost his wife. Florent will therefore feel helpless when Philippe will find himself in prison. It will take us very far, even with her daughter Aurore. I don’t want to give anything away but it’s going to be tumultuous.

Things will get complicated since Enzo (Teilo Azais) falls in love with Aurore. A love story that will not please Florent.

Florent will see this relationship with a very bad eye. Not because of the age difference but because she’s his client’s daughter. If his client is in this position and the judge Alphand (Marie-Gaelle Calls) didn’t release him, maybe there’s a reason. Florent unfortunately does not have enough perspective on the situation to realize it.

We imagine that this whole story will create tensions…

It will indeed create tension. It will go very far with Enzo. Faced with the situation, Claire (Melanie Maudran) will support Florent but Enzo has his free will and after a while our children escape us. We must know how to let them escape us in order to find them better. If we try to hold them back too much, we lose them forever.

Helen (Sophie Le Tellier) was recently released from prison. We imagine that this return will have an impact on Claire and Florent who are just finding their stability. Will there be repercussions on their relationship?

It will have no repercussions within the couple. Florent is within the law. He knows very well that Hélène is ill and that she must take care of herself to get better. He will support Claire but he will not be in conflict with her. Claire is finally in conflict with herself because she is mad with rage to have lived through this and she has trouble accepting that it is an illness.

Claire and Florent had plans to buy a house. Will they finally achieve their dream?

The dream will come true. We installed our boxes just yesterday. We couldn’t even dip a toe in the pool because we were spinning all the time [rires]. But I can tell you that Claire and Florent have a beautiful house.

Kira (Hill Ramos-Pinto) is currently experiencing his first love affair. What should we expect?

In the last scene I shot, Claire announces to Florent that Kira is in love. Florent already sees the worries coming [rires]. It must be said that Kira will be involved in stories with this boy, so there is a big risk for her to return to a closed center. It had better behave well but it is not won yet. Claire and Florent can therefore lose custody. In any case, there is a great relationship. And then when we play together it’s simple, it’s fluid, it’s pleasant.

This year, Florent experienced a very good professional development since he opened his practice with Johanna (Aurore Delplace). The Lemeur-Grasset firm is also about to expand with the integration of Claudine.

I’m incredibly lucky. All the actors around me, I adore them. I get on very well with them. We have scenes that are very pleasant to play. And Catherine Wilkening It’s incredible. It’s a phenomenon. She’s funny and then we got along very well.

There is something very interesting with the Lemeur-Grassay firm. It’s the contrast between Florent and Johanna. Florent is more social and Johanna more business. Could they work on a case together?

Absolutely. Johanna obviously has a heart but she has much less empathy than Florent. She also makes fun of him a lot because he always accepts pro bono cases. I would like us to be a little more lawyers in the field. That we are involved in investigations, that we do spinning to try to help our customers. Well, that would please me.

Un si grand soleil will celebrate its fourth birthday on August 27, do you have a memorable memory of the series?

All the scenes I have with Mélanie Maudran but also all the family scenes with Coline Ramos-Pint and Teilo Azaïs. The scenes with Gaela Le Devehat (Sabine) as well, who are always full of human warmth. I would also say that I have scenes with Yvon Back (Becker) who are great! With all those who surround me finally. I say thank you again to the scriptwriters who offer me very beautiful scenes to play. I am very lucky!

Interview in Monte-Carlo on June 18, 2022.

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