Since Pierre Louhan’s release from prison, Yann has fallen into a downward spiral in Un si grand soleil. But what does the future hold for him? Constantin Balsan spoke to Allociné about what awaits us in the next episodes.

Since Pierre Louhan (Benjamin Gaitet) was released from prison, Yann (Constantin Balsan) has fallen into a downward spiral. Haunted by the memory of his wife but also the weight of guilt, the police officer sinks a little more each day into anger until he becomes violent.

If his mourning seems impossible, will Yann realize despite everything that he is on the verge of losing everything before it is too late?

Constantin Balsan, the interpreter of the touching Lieutenant Cross, spoke to Allociné about the continuation of this moving intrigue.

Allociné: We recently learned with surprise that Yann’s wife did not die of cancer but in a car accident while she was pregnant. Were you aware of Yann’s tragic past from the start?

Constantin Balsan : I discovered this turnaround when the ark around Yann’s past was sent to me. This is information I didn’t have before. It surprised me at first but I immediately understood the track that had been chosen by the production.

Yann’s past is gradually revealed through flashbacks. Can we expect more secrets?

For the moment no. However, this is the magic of the series and we are never at the end of our surprises.

Since the release of Pierre Louhan, Yann has become more angry every day. How far is he willing to go to satisfy his thirst for revenge? Could he kill Pierre?

This is an option that could have been possible. Yann surprises himself by his reactions. It is a facet of his personality that he discovers or that he has more or less hidden. So when he loses his temper, we don’t really know how far it can go and what it can result in.

In the next episodes, Yann will physically attack Pierre, which risks causing him serious problems. Will he lose his job?

It’s going to have consequences, that’s for sure. His hierarchy cannot let this happen. Obviously he will be subject to sanctions. Afterwards, how far will it go? The future will tell.

Could these sanctions encourage Yann to get back on the right path?

I think that from the moment we deprive him of his medicine, namely work, it can on the contrary lead him into excesses that he himself cannot control.

Where he hears that Johanna (Aurora Delplace) is helpless in the face of the distress of the man she loves. What role will she play in this story?

She will try to help him. She has a much more honest view of things. That doesn’t mean she has the solutions, but she’s looking for them in any case. Finally, the one who lies a little to himself is Yann.

It is therefore not easy to help someone who refuses to be helped. Despite this, she holds on and doesn’t let go. But it is certain that this type of ordeal brings complications in their relationship which nevertheless had everything to be happy.

Will they succeed in overcoming this ordeal?

Whatever happens, they will emerge grown and strengthened. Either because she will realize that Yann is not the person she needs, or because it is an additional crisis that they will manage to get through.

When Yann sinks into depression, we discover how complex mourning is for him. How will he get out of this?

Yann will have to agree to confide and that we cannot always get through it alone. He will have to put his pride aside, dare to speak out and call for help. You cannot help a person until they ask for help. That’s what’s tricky. He therefore goes to consult a psychologist.

Going to the psychologist is almost a taboo. It’s something we don’t talk about. It’s good that the series chooses to tackle this subject. I say it often but that’s the richness of Un si grand soleil. The series dares to tackle and talk about subjects that are not necessarily discussed everywhere.

To the extent that we are only just beginning to touch on Yann’s trauma, does this mean that this plot is set to take hold over time?

It’s an intrigue that will last and which will slightly redistribute the cards in the life of Cross and those around him. This will lead to questioning. And who says questioning, says new balance to find. What moral will Yann draw from all this and what choices will he make?

So we can hope to see him return to a normal and more balanced life?

That’s all we can wish for him (laughs). But yes, if he manages to get through this ordeal, it can only lead him towards more positive things.

This intrigue allowed us to meet Alexandra. Can we envisage one day seeing a member of Yann’s family appear in the series?

That would be great ! I would love for him to have a little brother who would resurface. The idea of ​​brotherhood, of helping someone in your family is something that pleases me enormously.

Do you have any other projects outside of the series that you can tell us about?

I do a lot of theater. I often work for Jean-Philippe Daguerre’s company called Le Grenier de Babouchka. On the TV side, I will be in the series Le daron which is directed by Frank Bellocq.

There’s a great cast. I loved working with Didier Bourdon. I already knew before going on set that I was going to love meeting him. What people say about him is true, he is adorable and super funny. It was really great.

And then, I went to Algeria to shoot “Zighoud Youcef” a feature film by Mounès Khammar on the Algerian war. I have the first French role in the film.

By Vanniyar Adrian

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