Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: what awaits you on the special evening of Wednesday 10…

Un si grand soleil in advance: what awaits you on the special evening of wednesday 10...

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Louis and Marc reconcile, Rémi is indicted. At the same time, Alain clarifies things with Claudine and Maryline has found love.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the six episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 10 in such a big sun


Jacques is still in a coma and his family has not yet obtained permission to visit him. Dejected, Louis tells Kira how angry he is with Myriam for having filed a complaint against him. According to him, his stepmother pushed his grandfather to suicide. Kira may affirm that Myriam is a good person, Louis does not agree with her.

Later, Marc joins his son at the tennis club in hopes of reconciling with him. Even if he explains to her that what his grandfather did is serious and that Myriam is not responsible for his state of health, Louis has unfortunately chosen his side and never wants to see them again. Leaving the scene, Marc comes across Léonor. After hearing from Jacques, the latter apologizes to him for not having told him about her financial problems.

For her part, Elisabeth informs Myriam that she has found a supplier to replace Jacques. The businesswoman then takes the opportunity to hear from her father-in-law, but Myriam leaves the office without speaking to him. An attitude that pains Elisabeth a lot.

Léonor, Louis and Marc have finally obtained the authorization of the doctors to visit Jacques who is still in a coma. Léonor is the last to go to the bedside of her ex-father-in-law. Very moved, she admits having wanted revenge on Marc because she had just learned that he wanted to have a baby with Myriam. Full of regret, she fervently hopes that he will wake up.

Not far from there, Marc meets Laetitia who tells him that he is now in charge of all decisions concerning his father’s farm. Since Jacques’ financial situation is critical, the banker advises him to put the company into bankruptcy in order to be able to pay employees and creditors. Faced with a terrible dilemma, Marc asks for some time to make his decision.

Subsequently, Marc goes to the tennis club. After taking time for reflection, Louis states that he realized that he had been unfair to him. As they are both ready to make an effort, Marc invites him to come home but Louis refuses. Indeed, he is still angry with Myriam, whom he still holds responsible for his grandfather’s suicide attempt.


Noémie and Rémi are repairing one of the fences of the farmhouse which means that the latter is late at Pascale’s to do some gardening. Baptiste, the insertion referent, therefore immediately gives Rémi a soap. Although Noémie explains to him that it is his fault if the young man is late, Baptiste points out that his job is to frame the people he is sent before dismissing her.

Rémi immediately gets to work when Noah, Pascale’s son, offers him to play a game of video games. However, Baptiste intervenes and reminds him that he is here to work, not to make friends.

For his part, Akim goes to Noémie to give her a hand. While taking care of the horses, they get closer and end up kissing. Once they have shared an intimate moment amid the haystacks, Akim calls his brother and warns him that he won’t be able to join him for dinner.

Happy in each other’s arms, the two lovebirds finally spent the weekend together and plan to see each other again very soon. On a small cloud, Akim goes to the roommate then tells his brother how good he feels with Noémie. When Ludo joins them, the policeman tells him that he is going out with the young woman. At this news, the trainer acknowledges the blow and launches that he quickly forgot Lucille. Akim then retorts that this story fell on him. Although he acts like a jealous man, Ludo however assures that he no longer has feelings for Noémie and has moved on.

For their part, Rémi and Noah bicker nicely. Unfortunately, Rémi comes across a flower bed. Seeing him ransack his plants a few moments later, Pascale gives him a soap. He does try to apologize to her but Pascale doesn’t care. The latter not being sure to call on his services again, Rémi goes to the beach where he bursts into tears.

At nightfall, a person dressed in black sets fire to Pascale’s villa.

The next morning, the fire was brought under control by firefighters. Manu and Akim, who are in charge of the investigation, therefore take the statements of Pascale and Noah to the police station.

During her testimony, Pascale says that she surprised her gardener vandalizing her plantations. Noah then tries to defend his friend by explaining that Rémi is a very emotional young man before specifying that he would not hurt a fly.

Despite everything, Rémi and his father Jérôme are summoned to the police station. According to Jérôme, his son came home around 10 p.m. Although his son has already had outbursts in his rehabilitation center, Jérôme knows that Rémi is incapable of hurting anyone, let alone starting a fire.

At the same time, Pascale knows full well that she is putting her son in a difficult position but nevertheless tries to make him understand that they had no choice. As he is aware, Noah returns a few hours later to the police station to make Manu believe that he saw Rémi prowling near his home with cans of weed killer.

Shortly after, Manu and Akim take stock of the investigation with Commissioner Becker. According to the expert report, traces of chemical components present in weed killers were found in the fire, which confirms Noah’s testimony. Rémi is therefore placed in police custody.

Hired to defend her interests, Claudine goes to the station to assist her client. As he does not understand why he is being questioned again, the lawyer tells him that Noah told the police that he had seen him with cans of weed killer the evening of the fire. Faced with this allegation, Rémi replies that it is impossible since he was at the beach at the time of the facts.

For her part, Pascale reassures her son by indicating that Rémi cannot be held responsible for the fire because of his disability. For his part, Jérôme is particularly worried about his son and fears that he will accuse himself in order to escape the pressure of the police.

At the farm, Akim and Noémie find cans of weed killer in a bale of straw. Given this discovery, Rémi is indicted. However, Claudine manages to obtain a release but at the slightest misstep, Rémi will be immediately interned in a care center.

At the same time, this investigation has repercussions on Noémie and Akim who disagree about Rémi. So much so that the young woman no longer wants to see him again.

At the station, Manu continues to investigate. Intimately convinced of Rémi’s innocence and that someone is trying to blame him, the policeman does not intend to let go of the piece so easily.

Baptiste, Rémi’s referent, was intercepted at the scene of the fire and explains that he simply came to collect tools to work. Subsequently, Manu meets Noémie to ask her some questions about Baptiste. Even though she doesn’t know him very well, she replies that he’s a bit gruff. Right after, Manu takes the opportunity to tell her that Akim is sad that she is angry with him and then makes her understand that he really cares about her.

Back at the police station, Manu does some research on Baptiste and discovers that his former partner has filed a complaint against him for harassment…


Master Levars finally succeeded in convincing his client to settle amicably. This is why he contacts Claudine to warn her that Blamont is ready to withdraw his complaint against Doctor Alphand on condition that he does the same. But that’s not all since Blamont also asks that the doctor bear half of the legal costs. Only Claudine doesn’t see why her client should pay such a sum for something he didn’t do. It therefore makes two proposals. Either Blamont withdraws his complaint and pays the costs, or Alain maintains his complaint and the loser will pay the costs.

Without waiting, Serge goes to the campsite and informs his client of Claudine’s offers. Unfortunately, Blamont refuses categorically, especially since he claims to have unearthed a witness. For her part, Claudine understands that this is a bluff. As it will be word against word, the lawyer needs character testimonies attesting that Alain is a man of integrity. Immediately, he seeks the help of those around him.

At the end of the day, the doctor joined Claudine in her office and gave her the documents. The latter then jumps at the chance to flirt with him openly. After sitting astride him, she kisses him languidly but Alain pushes her away, saying he can’t go any further.

Finally, the doctor decided to stop the proceedings and told Elisabeth about it. While trying to find out what made her change her mind, Alain admits that his lawyer tried to kiss her. Blaming the blow, the businesswoman leaves.

Subsequently, Alain calls Claudine then informs her of his wish to withdraw his complaint before adding that their relationship must henceforth remain strictly professional. A failure for Claudine who sees all her hopes go up in smoke.

Warned by his colleague, Maître Levars manages to convince his client to withdraw his complaint and share the legal costs with Doctor Alphand.

Not far from there, Elisabeth arrives at Claudine’s office to set things straight. When she firmly advises her to keep her distance from the man she loves, the lawyer retorts that she does what she wants.

Back home, Elisabeth apologizes to Alain for his overreaction. If she has blind faith in him, she couldn’t stand Claudine hovering around him. The couple then hugs to seal their reconciliation.


It’s Gary’s birthday. And if he hoped to spend the evening with his daughter, this one unfortunately already has something planned. Shortly after, Gary receives a call from his mother asking him to come and pick up his laundry. Since she didn’t wish her birthday, Gary asks her if she didn’t forget something but Maryline hangs up. It was enough for Gary to imagine that his mother was preparing a surprise party for him at the roommate.

He therefore decides to go there but notes with sadness that no one is there. Fortunately, Inès and Enric have concocted a little party for him at the campsite. Although his mother has forgotten his birthday, Gary calls her to invite him to join them. However, Maryline declines by making believe that she is unwell. In reality, she has a date and it is only in the early morning that she will return home. Faced with the concern of her roommates, Maryline makes them believe that she spent the evening with a friend…

Sorry to have missed his birthday party, Maryline gives Gary a polo shirt but it’s the same as last year. Embarrassed, she offers him to go and change it. Worried, Gary calls Bilal and asks him about his mother. He thus discovers that she lied to him and that she forgets a lot of things lately.

Warned by her father, Inès calls her grandmother to see her in the afternoon. Only, Maryline claims to have things to do before hanging up. Certain that his mother is hiding something from him, Gary leads the investigation by following her to the entrance of a building. A few minutes later, he sees her come out on the arm of a man who kisses her. In shock, Gary returns to the campsite and tells everything to Enric. If the latter thinks this is good news, Gary imagines that this man is only interested in his mother’s heritage.

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