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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Aurore kisses Enzo, Steve returns to Montpellier with excellent news.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 20 in such a big sun


Manu was not injured in the shootout that broke out with Pilar Otero. Unfortunately, the latter fled on a motorcycle before the policeman could arrest her.

The next morning, Manu takes stock with Superintendent Becker because he received the results of the ballistics report concerning the casings of Pilar’s weapon. According to experts, they are identical to those found at the scene of the assassination attempt on Carole Martinez. Elements that suggest that Carole has been telling the truth from the start and that she has nothing to do with this story. It remains to be seen why drug traffickers would want to kill her.

For her part, Carole wakes up in Gary’s bungalow and it’s been a long time since the executive assistant had slept so well. Before leaving, she thanks Gary for being there for her.

Among the Grasset-Estrela, Florent is particularly tense. Indeed, Judge Alphand once again refused to grant Aurore a visit. Enzo, who is present, finds it unfair that the young woman is separated from her father, especially since she is not well at the moment. Immediately, Florent understands that his son has kept in touch with his client’s daughter. Annoyed, he reminds her that he asked her to stay away and then leaves for work.

Meanwhile, Manu and Thierry arrive at the bar where Pilar tried to kill the policeman. Without waiting, Captain Léoni tackles the owner of the establishment against a billiard table and threatens to have his business closed for drug trafficking if he does not speak to him about the young woman. The boss then says that Pilar went out with Samuel, one of his waiters. He also reveals to them that she came to meet her customers in his bar.

In prison, Moreau learned during his walk that Philippe Verneuil knew Bruno Drieu well. And if the latter was killed to prevent him from speaking, Verneuil could be next on the list. From now on, Moreau therefore asks for 500 euros per week to ensure his protection.

Not far from there, Carole questions Inès about her father and thus learns that the manager of the campsite has never rebuilt his life since his separation from Mo. Enric advises Gary to try his luck with Carole. Only, he does not want to rush her and even less take advantage of the situation while she is going through a complicated period.

In the evening, Enzo waits for Aurore when she leaves work. Being perfectly aware that he has no chance with her, he affirms that he only wants to be her friend and to support her. Touched, Aurore kisses her.


After excelling at the Math Olympiads held in Norway, Steve is back in Montpellier.

In high school, the teenager is greeted with applause from his classmates and congratulations from Eve. In turn, Steve thanks her for giving him confidence in him. Without her, he would never have succeeded.

Subsequently, Steve tells Camille that a foreign delegation offered him to join a college in Seoul. Although he has not yet made up his mind, Camille says she is very happy for him and even offers to accompany him to South Korea to visit.

Later, Camille calls her father to find out if they can sleep at his house with Steve tonight. Even if he is uncomfortable with this idea, he finally accepts after discussing it with his partner.

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