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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Enzo bends over backwards for Aurore, Ludo puts an end to his story with Jade.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 13 in such a big sun


Philippe Verneuil’s request for release was rejected. Florent therefore goes to the visiting room to tell him the bad news. He also tells him that Judge Alphand is going to organize a confrontation between him and his driver. Annoyed, Philippe swears that he is innocent and that he has nothing to do with this drug trade. Florent, who believes him, then encourages him to hang on. According to him, this confrontation is rather a good sign because it means that they have no evidence against him. Regarding the racketeering of which he is the victim, Florent proposes to file a complaint with the prison administration or to request a transfer. However, Philippe refuses, preferring to stay with his daughter.

For her part, Aurore comes to have lunch at the hut and Enzo seizes this opportunity to take care of his table. Very happy to see her, the young man takes great care of her, which did not escape Davia who understood very well that he has a crush on their client. When Aurore’s car then refuses to start, the waitress pushes Enzo to accompany her to her appointment.

On the way, Aurore warmly thanks Enzo and indulges in a few confidences by telling him how complicated this period is for her. Enzo then says he is touched that she gives herself up to him.

Not far from there, Carole Martinez sees Gary working on the campsite’s accounts and offers to help him by spicing things up a bit. Whoever finishes last will have to buy the other a drink. Without hesitation, Gary agrees. In the company of Gary, Carole has a good time and even finds a smile.

At nightfall, he accompanies her home. On the way back, Inès’ father comes across Bourdais who reminds him that he must keep his distance. Gary therefore explains that she is not well and that it is her role to make her clients feel good. Only, Bourdais is not there for that but to prevent her from dying. However, for Gary, if she doesn’t see anyone, she will end up killing herself.


Since becoming convinced that Jade is cheating on him, Ludo is particularly tense. So much so that he takes it out on Davia because she didn’t put the dishwasher in economy mode. And the day is not ready to work out for the healer since he is summoned to the police station.

At the same time, Alban was able to repay all his debts and he even has enough money left to take it easy in the sun for a while. While he offers Jade to follow him, she declines, preferring to stay here and move on.

For his part, Ludo is questioned by Manu and Thierry who are trying to find out why he was making a call in front of a villa which was being robbed. Quickly, Ludo seems to understand that this story is linked to Jade but nevertheless decides not to say anything. He then makes the police believe that the car of the guardian of the villa almost ran into him and that he wanted to follow him to give him a soap.

Although they don’t believe him, Manu and Thierry have nothing against him and are obliged to let him go. Nevertheless, Thierry decides to follow him. If Ludo is linked to the burglary, he will lead them to the robbers. Once released, Ludo immediately texts Jade to see her. For his part, Thierry follows him but quickly loses track of him.

At nightfall, Jade joins Ludo. When she tries to kiss him, he recoils. Immediately, he tells her that he was summoned to the cops by his fault. At worst, Jade assures that it was his last shot and even promises to stop out of love for him. Only, Ludo is terribly angry with her for having lacked honesty, all the more so since he had the courage to tell her about his past as an escort. She may beg him to believe her when she says she cares for him, Ludo puts an end to their story then says that he never wants to see her again. While Jade leaves with tears in her eyes, Ludo does not lead off either.

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