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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Akim shoots Guilhem, Elise is on Jade’s trail.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Wednesday January 17, 2024 in Un si grand soleil…


Since she ended their engagement, Guilhem has continued to harass Estelle. In fact, the lawyer called her all night to tell her that she was the woman of his life and that he couldn't live without her. Oppressed, Estelle finally turned off her phone to have peace. As this story takes on completely crazy proportions, she starts to get scared.

Meanwhile, Élisabeth confides to Alain how much she was hurt by Guilhem's words. However, Doctor Alphand believes that his partner was not delicate in speaking to Estelle about the marriage contract and urges her to move on.

For his part, Guilhem arrives at the office completely devastated, which has not escaped Johanna who tries to understand what is happening. The lawyer then tells him that Estelle no longer wants to marry him. Johanna tries to reassure him, believing that Estelle simply needs time and that he must let her breathe. However, Guilhem is not sure he would recover if she were to leave him and burst into tears in the arms of his niece.

Guilhem then gets to work but unfortunately cannot concentrate. He then calls Estelle back who ends up answering him. Even though she asks him to stop calling her, Guilhem doesn't listen and invites her to dinner tonight to talk. Annoyed, she makes him understand that his insistence is turning into harassment and then tells him to stop once and for all. In vain.

In a daze, Guilhem makes a declaration of love to her. Estelle, who is at the end of her rope, then puts an end to their story. A shock for the lawyer who begins to lose his temper, especially since he is convinced that the masseuse is leaving him for Akim. Convinced that they are made for each other, the lawyer nevertheless declares that he can forgive her everything because he loves her and swears that she will be good with him. While she panics, Estelle hangs up.

Later, Akim listens to a voice message from Estelle who tells him in a trembling voice: “I just wanted to tell you that you were right about this marriage thing, it was nonsense”. Worried, the policeman calls her back to find out what's going on and Estelle tells him the whole story before inviting him for a drink to clear his mind. Which he accepts.

Estelle and Akim later meet up at the beach. The young woman then explains that she accepted Guilhem's marriage proposal for the wrong reasons. Indeed, Akim had just dumped her and she was angry with him when she learned that he had gotten back together with his ex. Having really enjoyed the moments spent together, the police officer assures her that he did not use her as a stopgap. Only, he wasn't available in his head.

At the office, Guilhem is tense. While looking at photos of him and Estelle, he starts talking to himself, “ Why did you do this to me? Do not leave me ».

When night falls, Akim takes Estelle home. When she asks him to go up for a last drink, he accepts. When the young woman opens a bottle of wine, he finally changes his mind and returns home. Guilhem, who is driving his car, soon after sees Akim leaving Estelle's apartment.

It is therefore furious that he shows up in the young woman's apartment. Thinking that Estelle slept with the policeman, the lawyer insults her and then blames her for having thrown him away like nothing. Estelle swears that nothing happened, but Guilhem doesn't believe her and flies into a rage.

She tries to beg him to leave but he doesn't listen. In full delirium, Guilhem even begins to be violent. Panicked, Estelle runs off and locks herself in a room, quickly followed by Guilhem who then bangs on the door, insulting her with all kinds of names.

Estelle, who is scared, calls Akim and asks him to come as quickly as possible. After hanging up, she grabs a weapon hidden in the dresser. Mad with rage, Guilhem manages to break down the door in the meantime. Even though Estelle begs him to leave her alone, he is out of control and snatches the gun from her hands before dragging her across the floor into the living room, telling her that she will pay.

That's when Akim arrives. When he asks Guilhem to step back slowly and drop his weapon in order to discuss, he refuses. “Stop playing stupid and drop your weapon,” the policeman says to him while holding him in a yoke. In a rage Guilhem retorts that he does what he wants then raises his gun and shoots Akim. The latter then retaliates and shoots in turn. The next moment, Guilhem collapses to the ground…


Since Jade's fingerprints were taken at the motorcycle store, Élise decided to stop her. And suffice to say that the police officer has no intention of letting go of the matter. If Élise puts her heart into this investigation, this is not the case for Alex who tries to cover her tracks.

For his part, Ludo is worried and meets Master Levars. After her meeting, the young man explains to Jade that she risks up to three years in prison. As she plans to surrender, Ludo refuses and prefers to find a solution so that they stay together. He therefore asks her to keep hope.

At the police station, Élise watches all the video surveillance of the motorcycle store and sees Jade with Sandra. The policewoman then understands that the store owner has lied to her from the start.

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