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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While the police finally arrest Myriam’s murderer, Léonor makes a startling revelation. At the same time, Becker sets up close surveillance to get his hands on Patrice Angel.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 31 in Such a Great Sun

Myriam’s killer is arrested and Léonor reveals his terrible secret

Louis denounced himself and confessed to the police that he wanted to set fire to the warehouse of L Cosmétiques to take revenge on Myriam. But he did not follow through with his plan. Yann confides in Becker that he believes Louis. According to him, it’s just a teenager a little overwhelmed by events.

Later, the police have confirmation that the SDF does not recognize Louis. So there was definitely another man involved. Aya announces to her colleagues that she has found the vehicle identified by the SDF thanks to video surveillance. It belongs to an employee of L Cosmétiques, Simon Lambert. Manu and Yann then go without delay to L Cosmétiques and take Simon on board. They inform him that they are placing him in police custody for the murder of Myriam and are going to come to his home for a search.

During his interrogation, Lambert assures us that he never wanted to kill Myriam. He explains to Yann and Manu that he had money worries and that he decided to steal equipment from the company’s warehouse to get by. But he didn’t want anything to happen to Myriam, he liked her.

During a flashback returning to the night of the drama, we discover that Simon was surprised by Myriam when he was about to load creams into his bag. Myriam asked him what he was doing and, in a panic, Simon pushed her and she found herself impaled on a piece of wood on a shelf. In tears, Simon says that when he saw her impaled, he got scared and ran away. Letting her bleed out.

Manu makes Lambert understand that he could have saved Myriam by calling the emergency services, he didn’t even need to give his identity. But, instead, he showed himself to be a coward and that makes him a murderer.

Alex learns from Manu what really happened and confides in Julie that he thought it would relieve him to have his questions answered. But in reality, this is not the case. He feels a huge void. For their part, Léonor and Louis are cleared and released by the police. But they will still both be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

Elisabeth and Claire are in the cemetery, on Myriam’s grave. Elisabeth blames herself, she wonders if it is not L Cosmétiques that brings bad luck. Claire then makes her understand that she should not feel guilty. Myriam is dead, it’s terrible, but it’s not her fault.

Claire adds that the last years of Myriam’s life were the best because Elisabeth trusted her. Elizabeth is moved. She lets Claire know that she has a knack for cheering her up when she knows she too is heartbroken. Claire smiles and replies that it will be fine. But, suddenly, Claire breaks down and falls in tears into Elisabeth’s arms.

At the same time, Marc is with Léonor and Louis. Marc tries to reassure his ex-wife by telling her that she shouldn’t blame herself for denouncing herself for Louis. He agrees with his father. But Léonor stops them and finally reveals the truth to them. She tells them that she was the one who reported Jacques to the bank about the contract he falsified. It is therefore because of her that L Cosmétiques filed a complaint and that Jacques tried to kill himself. Marc and Louis can’t believe it.

Patrice Angel is still actively wanted by the police

Becker announces to Elise and Akim that the Spanish police have followed Patrice and that the latter has led them directly to Alves, a drug wholesaler well known to their services. The Spaniards concentrated on Alves and let Patrice slip away. Becker therefore decides to pick up Patrice on his return and to arrest his wife to search their shop.

While Eva is taken to the police station, Akim and Thierry go to the airport to arrest Patrice, but they discover that he has not taken the plane.

During her interrogation, Elise and Akim inform Eva, who is assisted by her lawyer Johanna Lemeur, that her husband is the subject of a European arrest warrant for drug trafficking. Eva is convinced that it is a mistake. She ensures that her husband is not linked to the recent murders in Montpellier and claims that she does not know who Franck is. Elise finds this strange given that he is her husband’s childhood friend. But Eva insists, she doesn’t know him. Johanna then reminds Elise that they have no proof and ends up leaving with Eva.

Becker then decides to put Eva under surveillance, convinced that her husband will reconnect with her. Akim follows her. A man enters the shop but Akim does not see that Eva is dealing with the individual in question behind the cash register.

Patrice hides in the vicinity of Montpellier with the complicity of Franck. He calls Eva. He assures her that he is safe around. Eva confirms to her the police came and questioned her. He reassures her, they can’t do anything against her. They will stay hidden to find a solution. She worries about her husband’s health, but he lies to reassure her. He pretends he’s fine when he’s in pain. After hanging up, Franck sees him in pain and wants to take him to see a doctor. But Patrick refuses. It’s too risky.

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