Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday, April 14, 2021 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday, April 14, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While the police get their hands on Alban, Jules puts an end to his affair with Inès.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday April 14, 2021 in Un Si Grand Soleil …


While Elise and Alex take over at the hideout, Manu informs them that Julie has fallen for a man named Marc. As Alex rejoices, Elise implies that the young woman could have invented this story to cover his tracks. Meanwhile, Jérémy asks Alban to tell Bordas that he will not recover the USB key until the transfer has been transferred to their account. When Alban tries to understand why he is changing the rules at the last moment, the criminal retorts that he does not trust anyone.

Subsequently, Alban goes to the meeting place with Bordas without knowing that the police are stalking his car via CCTV images of the city. After having arrested them, Becker announces to Bordas that he will be indicted for obstructing justice. Shortly after, the commissioner finds Alban to question him and insists on knowing where Charvay is hiding. The latter then agrees to cooperate.


Following his revelations, Enzo fears that Etienne will attack his mother and that his friends will turn their backs on him. Florent, who shows understanding, therefore makes him understand that there has been too much suffering in this story and that he will blame himself all his life if he does nothing.

Later, Lieutenant Cross goes to high school then asks Etienne to follow him to the police station. On the spot, Enzo and Etienne expose their versions of the facts. If the teenager swears that he has been manipulated, Etienne claims that Enzo is staring at Inès and that he tries to make her wear the hat. However, the police searched his computer and unearthed numerous messages in which he virulently denigrates women and more particularly those belonging to the feminist collective of the high school. Even if he declares that nothing proves his involvement in the leak of the video, Yann says that he will have to explain it directly to the prosecutor.

For his part, Enzo tells the truth to Inès and apologizes to her. In vain. The young woman then finds Jules and tells him that it is Etienne who threw the video. While she hopes that their story can pick up where it left off, Jules wants to stop there, specifying that if the police had not discovered the truth she would still think him guilty.

Not far from there, Sabine and Florent congratulate their son for being courageous. Seeing that he blames himself for having made a terrible mistake, his parents point out that there is no age to be recruited and assure that he is a good person.

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