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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While the situation gets worse for Damien, Jade doesn’t want to let Jean-Pierre ruin his life.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 18 in such a big sun


Damien receives many insulting messages following the publication of an article about his relationship with Thaïs. After advising him not to read them, Eve urges him to file a complaint for cyber harassment. Only, the philosophy professor has no desire to pose as a victim and prefers to wait for things to settle down.

For his part, Thaïs comes across the article in the Midi Libre and is annoyed by the hatred poured out on his teacher. Worried, the teenager would like to be able to support the man she loves but Damien no longer responds to his messages. Afterwards, Thaïs finds her classmates who are in the middle of a debate about her love story. When Robin assures us that they are with her and that they are not judging her, Thaïs finds it hard to believe them.

Later, Fanny meets Thaïs in the halls of the school. If she understands perfectly that she is angry with him for having denounced Damien, the sports teacher promises however that she did this to protect her. Only, Thaïs does not hear it that way and accuses her of having ruined Damien’s life before summoning her to leave her alone.

Not far from there, Damien is summoned to the judge’s office. After reviewing the evidence, Cécile decided to indict for sexual abuse of a minor over fifteen years old by a person in authority. As she has not requested a security measure against her, Judge Alphand asks her to remain at the disposal of justice. In addition, Thaïs’ father asked for a removal measure to be put in place. Damien should therefore no longer come into contact with the teenager.

In the afternoon, Thaïs calls Damien who informs him that he is subject to a measure of removal. Even if he would have liked things to happen differently, the professor puts an end to their story and asks him to take care of her. She may beg him not to do that while telling him she loves him, Damien hangs up.

Furious, Thaïs goes to see her father at the pizzeria to reproach him for having asked for an expulsion measure without talking to him about it beforehand. Anthony tries to affirm that it is to protect her, Thaïs refuses to listen to him. She then announces to him that she is going to Kira’s before saying that she never wants to see him again.


In the morning, Ludo informs his companion that the apartment they visited a few days earlier has passed under their noses. Only, Jade heads elsewhere. After apologizing for not sending the file sooner, she leaves for work.

Arriving at L. Cosmétiques, Jade learns that Jean-Pierre caused a sensation at the Frankfurt show. When she realizes that her attacker has to come by in the afternoon to sign a new order, the young woman panics. Far from suspecting what happened, Laurent hopes that his friend hasn’t bored him too much with his Cognac cellar. Embarrassed, Jade dodges.

Later, Jean-Pierre arrives to sign the contracts. When she finds herself alone with him, Jade looks at him in disgust and accuses him of jumping on her. Jean-Pierre then begins to laugh and even goes so far as to tell her that he finds her more exciting in anger. As she threatens to tell everything to Berthier, he advises her to keep quiet. According to him, an employee who turns on her customers is not a good thing for the image of the box. Once Jean-Pierre leaves the office, Jade feels unwell. Bilal, who finds her sitting on the ground, gets ready to call the doctor but Jade assures her that she simply ate something that does not pass.

Subsequently, Jade finds Julie at the edge of the beach. With tears in her eyes, she says she can no longer bear the situation. While her friend advises her to file a complaint, Jade indicates that she has no desire to lose her job and promises to be careful in the future. When Julie tries to find out if she has spoken to Ludo about it, Jade replies no because she wants to live a normal life. And to add that she does not want to let Jean-Pierre fuck up his life.

In the evening, Jade returns to the roommate where Ludo has prepared a good meal for her. The latter then apologizes to her for having imposed many changes on her in her life and suggests that she wait a bit to move in together. Only Jade wants to live with the man she loves and swears she hasn’t changed her mind. When he talks to her about the discomfort she had at work, Jade gets annoyed and ends the conversation by going to take a shower.

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