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Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…As Claire and Janet reconcile, Alex gets impatient.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, May 10 in such a big sun


Following Hélène’s arrest, Janet confides in Alain on Madame Bouvet’s orders. Indeed, Doctor Lewis is convinced that it was Hélène who wrote the prescription to slip it into the patient’s file so that Claire could see it. They were therefore both in good faith.

Meanwhile, Claire still doesn’t understand how Hélène could do such a thing to her. Florent therefore explains that the erotomaniac is convinced that the feeling of love is reciprocal. For her part, Claire regrets not having seen it coming and realizes that she had been under his thumb for some time already.

At the same time, the police analyzed Hélène’s computer and found the photos of Claire taken at the Senso inauguration party as well as the famous prescription which opposed Claire and Janet. To defend herself, Hélène indicates that she did this only to protect Claire from Doctor Lewis. According to her, the latter was jealous of their feelings.

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Later, Hélène is questioned by a psychiatrist and tells her of the mutual love at first sight she experienced with Claire. According to her, the nurse felt trapped by Florent and Janet. If she accuses Doctor Lewis of having wanted to put a spoke in the wheels of their love story, she is also angry with Florent for having screwed up everything. Subsequently, the psychiatrist will confirm to the authorities that Hélène has a tendency to erotomania.

Janet has made an appointment with Claire at Les Sauvages to discuss. Without beating around the bush, she tells him of her suspicions. Once again, Claire is in shock and struggles to realize that Hélène could have been such a devious manipulator. As Claire apologizes to her for doubting her, Janet says she’s sorry that this story destroyed their relationship. Although she knows full well that she enjoys working in the liberal profession, Janet nevertheless regrets that she is no longer part of their teams and offers her to take over her position. Claire then asks for some time to think.

Informed by Élise, Claire returns home and announces to Florent that it is indeed Hélène who wrote the prescription. She then tells him about her lunch with Janet and the proposal she made to him. With the hatchet now buried, Claire seriously considers returning to work at the hospital.


At breakfast, Julie thanks Alex for having been honest with her and considers it a beautiful proof of love. When he states that he doesn’t want to lose her because he is in love with her, Julie replies that she shares his feelings.

At the same time, Margot tells Anissa that she has been watching Christophe since Johanna called him a dangerous lunatic. If she thought at first that he was cheating on his sister, the young woman finally discovered that he was seeing a teenager. As she wonders if he has a hidden son, Margot wants to continue her investigation before talking to her sister.

For their part, Alex and Faïza are watching the hideout when a van arrives. Insofar as it is the buyer, the policeman grabs his weapon ready to intervene. Unfortunately, his superior refuses until Manotti has been formally identified. Annoyed, Alex reminds her that Gaëlle is risking her life but she does not intend to screw everything up so close to the goal. Angry, the policeman gets out of the truck.

Meanwhile, Gaëlle takes advantage of the buyer checking the goods to leave the hideout. Immediately, Mathieu follows her then tries to find out where she is going like that. Gaëlle does try to pretend that she’s gone out for some fresh air but Mathieu, who doesn’t believe her, threatens to cut her throat with a knife. Luckily, Alex knocks him out from behind with his gun. However, the relief is short-lived as two accomplices come out of the shed and put Gaëlle and Alex under the yoke.

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