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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Manu is being shot, Steve obtains the results of the Olympiads. Akim is brooding about him.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, July 19 in such a big sun


Determined to find Pilar Otero, Manu activates his network of informants.

Meanwhile, Gary is worried about Carole. This is why he decides to question Bourdais about him. Unfortunately, the latter reminds him that what concerns the witness protection program is none of his business. As he insists, the lieutenant asks him to stay in his place before specifying that if he asks too many questions, the owner of the campsite will not hesitate to replace him.

For her part, Judge Alphand refused Aurore’s request to speak. Depriving Verneuil of the visiting room is, according to her, the only way for justice to put pressure on him to speak. After having once more ensured that his client was not linked to the traffic, Florent decides to file an appeal with the administrative court. Despite everything, it will take two weeks to obtain a visiting room. Aurore being convinced that her father will not last as long without making a mistake, Florent plans to speak directly to the judge but does not promise her anything.

At the police station, Manu tells Carole that they now know a little more about the people who tried to eliminate him. This is a large gang of Spanish drug traffickers who could potentially be linked to his boss. Convinced that she is hiding something, Captain Léoni pushes her to speak. Carole then bursts into tears and swears that she has nothing to do with this traffic.

Back at the campsite, Carole visits Gary. At worst, she asks him if she can stay with him because she needs company. After she accepts, he even decides to make her a tea to take care of her. However, Carole is exhausted and eventually falls asleep.

Not far from there, Enzo made an appointment with his grandfather at the straw hut to question him about the Verneuil affair. However, Becker cannot tell him anything and advises him to stay out of this story.

Later, Manu receives a call from his informant who gives him the address where Pilar Otera is. Subsequently, Manu lands in a biker bar and shows the photo of the young woman to the regulars. Since no one really answers him, the policeman chooses to wait patiently in the establishment. Eventually, Pilar makes an appearance. When she leaves the scene and Manu tries to challenge her, Pilar shoots him several times before fleeing.


Camille is particularly anxious since Steve is in Norway for the Olympics. A behavior that slightly annoys Laetitia who has the impression that her daughter stresses much more for her boyfriend than for her French baccalaureate which will take place next week. Camille then promises to focus on her exams once Steve’s competition is over.

At the end of the day, Steve calls Camille to tell her some good news. Indeed, he came 12th out of 600! Happy, the teenager says he is in a hurry to see her again the next day and then tells her that he loves her.


After spending the night in the cell, Noémie signs the documents for her release. For his part, Akim takes the opportunity to apologize to him and then admits that he got a little carried away. Only, Noémie considers that he has gone too far and leaves the place.

Back at the farm, Noémie thanks Rémi for taking care of his horses in his absence. Shortly after, she receives a call from Alice who wants to hear from her. Once she told him about spending the night at the police station, Noémie talks about her headache with Ludo. While Alice blames herself terribly for telling him about the protest, she doesn’t hold it against him.

Not far from there, Lucille is packing her bags to take the train to Barcelona in an hour. When Akim returns home, the journalist insists that he accompany her this weekend. Only, the policeman declines because he is tired. However, he promises to talk about his plan to settle in Spain on his return. The young woman then tells him that she loves him before leaving for the station.

At the roommate, Ludo reports to Bilal what happened with Akim during the demonstration. As the situation is complicated between Lucille and her brother, he begs his friend to be understanding. In vain.

At the same time, Akim broods alone at home. When Lucille calls him, he doesn’t answer.

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