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In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”… While Claire and Florent prepare their move, Kira makes a new friend, Thaïs. At the same time, Christophe’s plan works beyond his expectations.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 15 in such a big sun

Patrice Angel dies during interrogation

At the police station, Elise and Manu question Patrice. They inform him that they know about his drug dealing with Spain. They also explain to him that they know that his friend Franck killed the two young dealers. Despite all this evidence against him, the thug refuses to cooperate. It was then that he felt unwell.

A few minutes later, Hugo examines Patrice, who has regained consciousness, in the interrogation room. He then discovers that the criminal has recently been operated on for a renal aneurysm. However, he refuses to say more about this operation. Hugo didn’t notice any signs of bleeding.

Manu can therefore continue to question him but he must keep in mind that Patrice is still very weak. This is when Johanna Lemeur arrives at the police station. She learned that Patrice Angel had been placed in police custody and asked to speak with his client.

Alone with Patrice, she informs him that her friendship with Franck is not an important enough element to prove her involvement in Teddy’s murder, the death of the two young dealers and Mathias’ accident. On the other hand, he cannot deny his involvement in drug trafficking, the police having too many elements against him.

Johanna thinks about a defense strategy and advises her client to cooperate with the police in order to prevent the investigators from trying to establish complicity with his wife. For her part, Eva continues her traffic with the help of Franck. The police, meanwhile, are waiting for the slightest misstep on his part to arrest him.

When Cécile comes home, she discusses Angel’s arrest with Christophe. However, she tells him that the investigation is not over since they have to arrest his wife, but also the doctor who operated on the criminal while he was on the run.

Uncomfortable, the veterinarian begins to have palpitations. He then explains to his companion that he has seen a cardiologist who confirms Alain’s diagnosis. He somatizes. Christophe admits having been unfair to Doctor Alphand. Cécile is relieved and decides to celebrate the good news.

In the interrogation room, Patrice confesses and admits to Manu and Johanna that he went to buy cannabis in Spain. But the market could not be concluded because its supplier was stopped. Angel however denies his involvement in the murder of Teddy and the two dealers.

The criminal also covers his wife but Manu does not believe it. The latter puts pressure on him, without success. That’s when Johanna steps in. She feels that the interrogation is not conducted calmly and respectfully. She then decides to postpone the rest of the hearing and leaves the interrogation room.

In the hallway, she bumps into Becker. Johanne explains to him that she considers Manu’s behavior to be very borderline. A few seconds later, they hear Manu call for help. The policeman tries to revive Patrice who is unconscious on the ground. Unfortunately, the thug is already dead.

Kira makes a new friend

As Claire and Florent pack their things for the move, Kira, who is still depressed, leaves for high school. Florent, who is worried to see her like that, shares his concerns with his companion. Claire thinks that the teenager is stressed by her date with the judge and that she is also affected by the departure of Camille and the fact that her feelings for Louis are not reciprocated.

Florent hopes that the move will help him clear his mind. He also confides to him that he regrets that Enzo is not there. Claire then explains to him that she sees this move as a new start for them, and that it may be an opportunity to reconcile. Florent wants to believe it.

In sports class, Kira discusses with Louis his rapprochement with Lili. The young man acknowledges that he gets on well with her and that he finds her cute. He goes so far as to ask her for advice. This one falls from above: she thought that Louis was someone sensitive, and she understands that he is like all the other boys.

Embarrassed and disappointed, Kira encourages him to talk directly with Lili. Later, the teenager observes the complicity between Louis and Lili from afar. Thais Collignon, a classmate who plans to study sports, notices the teenager’s attitude and quickly understands that Kira is in love with Louis. She then makes a remark to the young girl who takes it badly and asks her to mind her own business.

The same evening, Claire offers Kira to go and eat at the pizzeria together in order to clear her mind. And their waitress is none other than Thais. Kira deliberately provokes her in front of Claire, who lectures her.

At the end of the service, the teenager finds her high school classmate to apologize. She hopes she didn’t get in trouble with her boss because of his behavior. Thais reassures her and explains that the pizzeria belongs to her father. The latter is not angry with Kira for having provoked him, believing that it was fair game. The two young girls decide to make a truce.

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