Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, October 14, 2021 [SPOILERS] -…

Un si grand soleil in advance: summary of the episode of thursday, october 14, 2021 [spoilers] -...

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Janet clarifies things with Claudine, Alicia protects Gaspard.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, October 14 in Un si grand soleil…


At breakfast, Claudine is full of praise for Janet with her daughter. If the latter thinks that she is doing a little too much, Claudine hopes to be invited to the wedding. Having seen her little merry-go-round the day before, Sabine reminds her that her father has been happy since he rebuilt his life and adds that she does not in any way want her to spoil this happiness.

For her part, Janet hesitates to keep her maiden name, considering that two Madame Becker is a bit too much. To reassure her, Clément explains that his ex-wife kept her name only for her professional career. Only Doctor Lewis doubts it and thinks that there is necessarily something else behind it all. Moreover, for her, the fact that Claudine stuck it all evening proves it even if Clément assures us that she is wrong. As Janet insists on figuring out what’s really going on between them, he promises to talk to her about it again later.

Not far from there, Florent shows Claudine his offices and introduces her to Johanna and Margot. Excited by the scene, the lawyer agrees to settle down the time to complete her case on condition of participating in the costs of the firm. At the same time, Becker is with his grandson. When the latter tries to find out what happened with Claudine, the policeman dodges by simply declaring that they had come to the end of their story.

At the end of the day, Janet remembers Claudine’s attitude during the barbecue party and then goes to Sabine’s to meet her. Without beating around the bush, Janet reminds him that she will marry Clément in two weeks and wants everything to go well. After Claudine claims that everything is clear between her and her ex-husband, Janet retorts that she hopes it will stay that way.


Noticing that Eliott has his head elsewhere, his boss offers to help him by ensuring the follow-up of certain customers. A mission that the young man is quick to accept. Meanwhile, Élise consults Eliott’s social networks and comes across a photo of Gaspard. Understanding that it is the brother of Sam Boisseron, the policewoman, who is determined to discover the reasons which pushed Eliott to lie, immediately summons Gaspard with his mother.

When Alicia learns that her son has impersonated Eliott, she immediately imagines that it is a stunt by her former son-in-law. According to her, Eve’s son asked the teenager to withdraw money with this card in order to compromise him. When the policewoman questions Gaspard to find out if that’s how it happened, he confirms his mother’s statements. Although she finds it hard to believe them, Elise lets them go again but warns them, however, that Gaspard will be confronted with Eliott to complete the procedure.

On leaving the police station, Gaspard has the impression of having betrayed Eliott and accuses Alicia of having forced him to push his brother down. Annoyed, she points out to him that it is her fault that she went to prison before launching that it is a fair return of things. To make him pay for it, Alicia orders her son to maintain this version during the confrontation.

Afterwards, Alicia contacts Eliott and guarantees him that he will not touch a single hair of her son. When she asks him to take responsibility for what happened instead of Gaspard, Eliott, who does not want to return to prison, swears however to think about it. At home, Alicia puts Sam in the secret. While the latter is certain that her ex-husband is doing this to obtain a reward, Alicia begins to believe in Eliott’s innocence.

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