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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Fanny confronts Damien, Jade lands a CDI. At the same time, Sofia tries to have a discussion with Elise.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, October 13 in such a big sun


Kira has noticed that Thaïs had left the tent during the night and is therefore waiting for the early morning to ask her about it. After making her believe that she had gone out to smoke a cigarette, Thaïs questions her about her rapprochement with Robin to dodge this conversation. Kira then explains that they are just friends.

Not far from there, Fanny observes Eve and Damien laughing together. Particularly tense, she reminds them curtly that they still have a lot of things to do before leaving. Faced with the strange behavior of her colleague, Eve takes advantage of being alone with her to understand what is wrong. Finally, Fanny tells him that she saw Thaïs coming out of Damien’s trailer in the middle of the night. And for her, there is no doubt that Damien and Thaïs slept together.

Unbelieving, Eve replays the conversations she had with Damien over and over again and now understands certain things better. If Fanny wants to talk directly to the headmistress when she arrives in Montpellier, Eve prefers to confront him in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Although she is certain of what she has seen, Fanny agrees to do so.

In Montpellier, Thaïs finds his father at the pizzeria. As she is on a little cloud, the latter wonders if she would not be in love but Thaïs assures that she does not need a man to be happy.

For her part, Fanny is waiting for Damien at the end of high school. Seeing that she plans to reveal everything to the principal, the philosophy teacher tries to make her believe that Thaïs has simply gone to see him in his trailer. But when Fanny insists on knowing the truth, Damien uneasily confirms having slept with the schoolgirl. Fanny then reminds him that Thaïs is a kid and then adds that he will have to bear the consequences…


Jade’s trial period is coming to an end and she would like to be able to continue the adventure within the company by being hired. Even if he would also like her to stay, Berthier is unfortunately not the person who makes this kind of decision.

Later, Elisabeth calls Jade into her office and asks her advice on how to improve the packaging and marketing of their lipstick. Although surprised, Jade replies that at the time of the Me Too movement, anything that suggests a kind of erotic submission to men doesn’t sell very well. According to her, you have to wear makeup to please yourself, assert your femininity and strengthen your self-confidence. Elisabeth listens attentively.

Later, Laurent invites Jade to the restaurant to talk to her about her professional future. While she immediately imagines that they won’t be able to hire her, the accountant tells her some very good news: Elisabeth has decided to hire her on a permanent contract. Crazy with joy, the young woman takes Laurent in her arms.

Back from their lunch, Berthier meets Jean-Pierre Casile, one of the company’s oldest clients but also a friend of his. The accountant then introduces him to his new assistant. When Jean-Pierre points out that Jade is very cute, Berthier retorts that he is very happy in the household and that he has no reason to look elsewhere.

On returning to the roommate, Jade announces the good news to Ludo with tears in her eyes. To celebrate as it should be, the couple plans to visit an apartment.


With an hour to pick up Charlie from daycare, Sofia offers Élise a little massage. The latter not having the head for it because she is tired, Sofia points out to her that they have not made love for three months. After having apologized to him, the policewoman assures that it is a phase and that it will eventually pass. Only, Sofia thinks there is something else, especially since the atmosphere has been particularly tense between them for some time. Despite everything, Élise maintains that everything is fine.

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