Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, June 10, 2021 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, June 10, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Jonathan blackmailed Laetitia, nothing was going well between Julien and Johanna.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday June 10, 2021 in Un Si Grand Soleil …


In the morning, Laetitia goes to the resource center and confronts Jonathan about his affair with Eve. The latter then claims to have simply returned his kiss so as not to upset her. Only, Laetitia does not believe him and thinks that he used her to get what he wanted. She therefore gives him until the evening to make up his overdraft, close his account and disappear from his life.

Jonathan then turns to Michel. Unfortunately, he wants to help his cousin set up a computer maintenance company and intends to use the little money he has left to invest in this new project. Later, Kira arrives at the Resource Center to give Jonathan a hand. Seeing that his morale is low, the teenager declares that she believes in him, which makes him smile again. Shortly after, when Kira returns home, Florent tries to warn her against her brother. In vain. Meanwhile, Victor confides to his daughter that he hopes the situation will work out between Florent and Jonathan.

At nightfall, Jonathan arrives at Laetitia’s place to order her to keep the secret of what she knows but also to give her his overdraft authorization. Florent’s brother then confesses to having falsified Victor’s signature to access the accounts of the resource center and threatens to say that she let him do it. While Laetitia is convinced that no one will believe him, Jonathan is ready for anything and swears that if he dives, she will dive with him.


At the Bastides, Johanna is particularly cold with Julien. When he invites her to go on a romantic weekend to meet again, the lawyer declines because she has no desire to pretend or to play the happy little couple.

Later, Julien receives a call from Alain who wants to talk to him about Arthur. The doctor then informs him that the teenager agreed to work at the hospital in August, the time when they had planned to go on vacation. Although he tried everything, Alain was unfortunately not able to shift the summer schedule. Understanding, Julien ensures that he will manage to find another date to spend time with his son.

At the end of the day, Julien and Johanna go to dinner with Elizabeth and the businessman takes the opportunity to suggest that his son go to Lausanne for a weekend to visit his sister. As Arthur fears this will be a problem for Johanna, Julien guarantees that even though she shares his life, his children are his most precious. On the other side of the door, Johanna does not lose any of their exchange.

The young woman, who is upset, isolates herself in the garden. When Julien joins her, the lawyer makes him understand that he is not enough in love with her to project himself into their married life. Convinced that he is incapable of making a place for her in her life and that she will always come after her children, she chooses to leave dinner to go to Sabine’s. On the spot, she collapses in his arms.

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