Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, December 9, 2021 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Elisabeth and Alain are reconciled, Bertrand is indicted.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 9 in Un si grand soleil…


It’s been several days since Alain took up residence with Clément. Although he misses his mate very much, he fails to call her. Becker therefore encourages him to do so as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Berthier is back at L. Cosmetics and announces with joy to his colleagues that he has been reinstated in his functions within the company. As he thanks them for their support, Gary seems particularly embarrassed.

Later, Berthier thanks Gary for saving his life. Glad to see him again in great shape, Inès’ father explains that he was very afraid for him just like his wife. As he is surprised that he tells him about Marion, Gary tries to make up for it as best he can.

Not far from there, Myriam presents Elisabeth with a list of potential candidates to replace her for the post of switchboard operator. Insofar as she trusts him completely, the businesswoman prefers to let her manage alone. During the discussion, Myriam ends up confessing to him that she was not sure of taking the position of marketing manager because of the affair with Berthier. However, the fact that his boss had reconsidered his decision ultimately gave him confidence.

At the end of the day, Elisabeth joins Alain at the hospital. On their way home, the couple speak with an open heart and Elisabeth says that she is not recovering from Julien’s departure. She then recognizes that her companion did well to react in this way since it made her realize that she had lost her footing. Now, Elisabeth has understood that she had to let go of L. Cosmetics and wants to organize her exit. Alain then promises to be there for her before kissing her tenderly to seal their reconciliation.

The good humor having returned to the Bastides, Arthur, Alain and Élisabeth spend a good time together around a meal.


At the police station, Bertrand is heard by the police in the presence of his lawyer. If he confirms having asked Joël to write the anonymous letters, Alix’s ex-husband denies Ariadne’s murder. When Yann tries to understand what is behind this blackmail, Bertrand simply replies that he did this to annoy his ex-wife. Since his client was in the United States at the time of Ariadne’s murder, Master Levars demands that his custody be lifted immediately.

Later, Élise, Yann and Becker take stock of the investigation. Even if Bertrand’s alibi is solid, the police suspect him of having killed Ariane with the help of Joël. Shortly after, Bertrand was therefore brought before Judge Alphand. The latter explains then that he had the idea to follow his ex-wife by seizing that his divorce was going to be complicated. Upon discovering that Alix was pimping, he hired Joël to destroy his little business. Since a letter sponsored by him was found at Ariane’s home, Judge Alphand decides to indict him for blackmail, extortion and complicity in murder.

For her part, Lucille contacts Ludo to warn him that the Midi Libre is preparing to publish an article on Ariadne’s death. It may be that he has nothing more to hide, Ludo is worried to see Noémie’s life spread out in the media. Pained, he comes to regret having been an escort and hurting the people he loves.

At the same time, Noémie receives a call from Raphaëlle who asks her to come to the notary the next day to sign papers for the store. After accepting, the young woman confides in her mother’s friend that she thinks a lot about Ludo. But for Raphaëlle, she should keep her distance from the one who screwed up her life.

At the roommate, Maryline tells the whole story to Gary and blames herself terribly for putting her roommate in this situation to help him pay for the work on the apartment.

At nightfall, everyone is gathered at the roommate for a drink. While the moment is good, Ludo seems particularly sad. He then takes his bike and goes to Noémie’s, whom he observes in the distance without daring to approach her.

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