Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, December 23, 2021 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… Steve and Camille meet again and decide to hide their relationship. Meanwhile, Anissa has a compromising encounter, and Eliott’s condition worsens.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday 23 December in Un si grand soleil…

Camille and Steve decide to hide their relationship

While Camille confesses to her mother that her boyfriend has left her, Steve rejects his brother’s attempts to change his mind. Unable to forget Camille, he slips into his mother’s property and throws stones at her window to attract her attention.

Seeing him, Camille joins him, and Steve confesses the truth to him: although the father of the young girl has decided to drop the investigation on Marvin to no longer interfere in their relationship, he fears becoming the target of local dealers. if they find out that her little brother is dating a cop’s daughter. Very enamored of each other, Camille and Steve then decide to continue to see each other in secret.

In the evening, at her father’s, Camille sulks her plate. When Manu asks her what is wrong, the young girl accuses him of having destroyed her relationship with Steve, with whom she confesses to having had sex. She then makes him believe that their relationship ended because of his investigation of Marvin Rosas, and leaves the table leaving his father speechless.

Anissa makes a new meeting

While strolling with Inès during the school holidays, Anissa confides to her friend that she wants to go out to clear her mind, and why not meet new people by going out to a club. Amused, Inès then offers to join her in the evening to party.

At the hospital, Anissa’s mother overhears a telephone conversation between David and his banker, and understands that her colleague is having money problems. She offers to help him if necessary, and the latter thanks her.

Panicked at the idea of ​​the police going back to her and Gerald after hiding the package in her workshop, Yasmine decides to change hiding places. She steals the keys of a patient in intensive care and goes to her home to hide the package. She justifies herself to Gerald by explaining to him that the patient will not be back home for weeks, and that thus the police will not find anything compromising in them that could link them to trafficking.

Marvin’s henchman, who spies on Yasmine from afar, is puzzled by the nurse’s back and forths. As he is about to leave, he is interrupted by Anissa, who asks him to help him repair the chain of his derailed bike.

Seduced by the young woman, he accepts with pleasure. While Anissa asks her how she can thank him, he offers to take her for a drink. Anissa accepts, and doesn’t hide her attraction to him. The current going well, she offers to take her home, and poses a bunny to Inès, telling her that she has found something to brighten up her evening …

Virgil confides in Manu

Manu finds Virgil at the Savages for a drink. His friend then confides in him about his problems with Eve: according to him, their work at the campsite is not progressing because she has met a man and spends all her free time with him. Virgil admits to him having had the hope of reconnecting with Eve after their reconciliation of these last months, and not supporting the idea that she sees someone else.

When he asks Manu about his love life to change the subject, the latter kicks in, embarrassed at having to lie to his friend. Virgil encourages him to forget Elsa and move on, otherwise he would risk becoming a hardened old bachelor like him. Manu then confesses half-word that he has met someone without giving more details.

Eliott overdoses

Without news of Eliott for several days, Bertier goes to the squat he occupies. Discovering with disgust that the young man lives in dire conditions and lets himself go completely, he gives him an ultimatum: either he agrees to infiltrate the car rental business, or he wins a one-way ticket to jail. Amorphous, Eliott barely answers him.

Later, Charles, worried about his friend, decides to come back home. He forcefully kicks in the front door and discovers Eliott lying on the ground unconscious, a puddle of vomit by his side …

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